Krishna Janamashtami is just around the corner and almost the entire India celebrates the birthday of Lord Krishna with joy and enthusiasm. Some people observe fast and some just keep their emotional fronts devoted to the lord of love. The eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu, Krishna, was born at mid night hour of the ashtami of sravan maas.

People celebrate this occassion with complete devotion and dress their children like Krishna to add more charm to their day. Now a days all the schools also celebrate this festival to let the children know about the advent of Krishna. They ask the parents to dress their children like Krishna and on the day of Janamashtami the school looks like it’s a mini vrindavan where krishna is dancing in every nook and corner.

Today SheNeeds is presenting to you some tips and tricks for you to dress your child up as Krishna without much hassle.

Yellow Dhoti

Lord Krishna loved draping himself in Pitambar (Yellow cloth). You can buy a yellow plain cloth and attach a gota border to it and tie it on your child’s bottom as dhoti. To make things a little bit more easier you can buy a ready made dhoti of his size. These days they are available in all sizes and colors as per your preference. Don’t forget to put diaper if your baby is not potty trained yet.


You can use beads to put in your child’s neck. Pearls can also be used but don’t forget to use natural flowers too. They will give your little Krishna an authentic look. Add a garland of fresh flowers, add a baju band and those stick on earrings. You can also make him wear a kangan in both the hands.


Krishna always wore a mukut and it had a big mor pankh on it. There are many options available in the market these days. They have these beautifully carved designs in golden and silver colors. Make sure that the mukut is not heavy for your child’s head. If you want you can create one yourself by using cardboard, golden colored paper and a peacock feather.

Make up

For tilak you can use a blend of kumkum and kasturi tilak. You can also use lipstick in maroon color. Don’t put too much make up on your baby’s skin as it can be harmful.


This is a must have accessory if your child is getting dressed as Krishna. You can buy decorated flutes from the market or you can decorate them yourself by using some beads and a golden sheet of paper. If you are creative then make one by yourself using a cardboard or a piece of stick. You can fix the flute in your child’s dhoti so that he doesn’t misplace it.


Don’t make your child wear school shoes when he gets dressed as Krishna. Buy mojri’s to go with the attire and you can use them later on many occasions like Dussehra and Diwali. Mojri’s sometime creates blisters on soft and supple skin, so make sure that you put band aids on all the inner corners of the mojri.

We hope that your child looks exactly like the little Krishna who filled the hearts of everyone in Vrindavan with love and compassion. Have a great festival and share pics with us.