All women love to put make up on and feel like they are the most beautiful woman on this planet. Most of us dread those high on sculpted looks because it fades our natural features. Today SheNeeds is bringing to you a make up mantra which will make you look natural and be made up at the same time.

We all are very well aware of the talented actress who portrays Maya in the Sony Tv show ‘Beyhadh’. Her character gives the viewers goosebumps and her beauty is to die for. She keeps on trying new looks for the show and gets appreciated for almost all of them. She slays the chic look along with the casual and professional styles. Her make up is like a breath of fresh air amongst all those women who get heavily painted in layers and layers of make up. She keeps it simple and stylish.

Make up Guide; Jennifer Winget

STEP 1: Start by applying foundation.  Apply it on your face evenly using a beauty blender.

STEP 2: Using a contor pallet, apply concealer under your eyes, cupid bow and bridge of your nose. Always use a darker shade to contour your face. Blend it well.

STEP 3: On all the places you applied concealer, apply compact power to keep it in place for long.

STEP 4: Use the bronzer next and then evenly apply compact powder over your face. Your face should look absolutely fresh, natural and even.

STEP 5: For your eyes, always use a primer to prime your eyelids before you put on any eye shadow. Blend the primer on your eyelids using a brush. Also apply concealer and compact powder over your eyelids.

STEP 6: Apply a nude shade on the outer corners of your eye lids and blend it well. Jennifer always uses a light shade on the inner corner of her eyes to make them look larger. Use white shade on your brow bone area and the inner corners of your eyes to get her look perfectly.

STEP 7: Apply eyeliner with a small wing. Keep the eyeliner bold. Use a brown shade from the eye shadow pallet on your lower lid or you can keep them nude as well. Put on your fake lashes and apply mascara on both upper and lower eyelid to make the eyes brighter.

STEP 8: Apply a blusher on your cheeks.

Step 9: There is a hint of highlighting in Jennifer’s look in Beyhadh. So, lightly highlight your face.

Step 10: Now apply the lipstick. Jennifer mostly wear the nudes in Beyhadh. You can choose a lipstick as per your skin’s PH. If you want a bold look, go for a bright red or a peach.

You can watch the video and get started with a easier approach:


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