After the incidents like the rape of a little 4 year old girl in one of the reputed schools in Mumbai, the whole system of our children’s security has been put to question. We as parents are just wondering if it is safe for our children to go and study anymore.

In spite of the presence of CCTV cameras in the school and very strict polices for the appointment of teachers and staff, incidents like these keep surfacing. After getting scared to our core, we know one thing for sure and that is we can’t rely on our security systems to protect our child from any one who has false intentions. We have to teach our kids to allow us into their inner circles and know what all they are exposed to.

The only query which parents have been putting forward after the recent incident is the teaching of ‘Good and Bad Touch’ to your child. Much has already been written and read about it but convincing our children what we read is a task with different levels of complexity.

Today Sheneeds presents to you a few short films which you can watch with your children to make them understand the Good and the Bad touch. These films will give your children answers to what they have to do when someone comes in contact with them and has a ‘ Bad touch’. They will learn how to differentiate good touch from bad touch. When you watch these films, let your child know that you will listen to them and trust them in every situation. These films are to be seen irrespective of you having a girl or a boy child. And if your child is ready to go to pre-school, they are ready to learn ‘Good And Bad Touch’

Let’s get started:

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