Handsome Her; the cafe in Melbourne Australia has come up with a unique idea of raising awareness. To make people more aware of the pay disparities among genders, they have started to charge an 18% premium to all of their male clients. They say that it reflects the pay gap which is almost 17% in their country.

As compared to men, full time women employees are paid 17.7% less and they are letting people know how it feels to be discriminated on the basis of gender. The cafe started functioning this Thursday.


“All we really wanted was to raise awareness and start conversations about the gender gap,” Belle Ngien, the café’s manager, told CNN. The internet has already started to go crazy over the idea and that is what the cafe intended to do. Although this stint might not prove very beneficial for the cafe as they will end up losing their clientele but they are successfully stirring a debate on the internet over the issue of pay gap.

In India the gender pay gap is 24.81%. A report by the World Economic Forum highlights that in the corporate sector in India, a woman is paid only one-third of what a man in the same position is paid. In a research done by Accenture, it shows that this gap is caused because there are more men working in high paying leadership roles than women. They say that for every $100 earned by a woman, a man earns $140.

As the role of a woman increases in an organisation, the income disparity increases. There are employers who say that a woman goes through many issues in her career which makes her unattractive to be hired in the first place. They say that they are aware of the fact that women will take a maternity leave at least once in the future and she would be balancing her time between her family and work. All this amounts to her being a little less worthy of being paid the same amount of salary.

With this mind set it becomes hard for women to make a place of their own in their work place. Not just with pay, men are favored with promotions, exposure and many other things which a woman equally deserves. The discrimination of pay based on gender has now become an international issue and we hope that there comes a bridge which brings both men and women to the same platform of opportunities which lead to equal pay.