I know it sounds bizarre to you that Rakhi was initially meant for the protection of men..Since the times we have known Raksha Bandhan it’s all about the promises which a brother makes for the protection of his sisters all throughout his life. Sisters pray for the long and prosperous lives of their brothers and tie rakhi on their hands in return of a promise. The promise is that the brother will protect the sister from all evils and will stand by her side no matter what life holds for her.

Recently I wrote an article about how rakhi can be tied to everyone else who stands by a woman’s side. While writing that article, I read a story about it’s origin. The story was that according to Bhavishya Purana, in the war between Gods and demons, Indradev  was disgraced by the powerful demon King Bali. Indra’s wife Sachi went to Vishnu for help. Vishnu gave Sachi a bracelet made of cotton thread, telling her that it is holy. Sachi tied the holy thread around Indra’s wrist. She blessed the thread with her prayers for his well being and success. Indra successfully defeated the Bali and recovered Amaravati. This story inspired the protective power of holy thread. The story also suggests that the Raksha Bandhan thread in ancient India were called as amulets, used by women as prayers. They used these threads to guard men going to war, and that these threads were not limited to sister-brother like relationships. (Reference: Bhavishya Puran, Hinduism Legends, Festivals of India, The Legends of Rakhi)

They were to protect men, not women

These powerful threads were tied to men because they had the powers of a woman’s prayers. They were for the protection of men, not women. Women have the power to protect themselves and they have the power to protect their families too. Just the sheer intensity of their emotions towards a family member acts as a shield for him against all evil.

Let’s answer this if you are not sure of women’s power

Have you ever noticed that a woman is the central energy of the house. If some day she is sad, the feel of everyone living inside gets dismayed. If the energy of a female is good and she is ecstatic, even a tired man entering the house after having a horrible day at office, feels good.

Every woman on this planet has the power to reverberate at such a frequency that she can influence anyone with her mere presence. If she feels very strongly for someone she has the power to protect him just by her thought. She is the guardian of a family in it’s truest sense. Then why is it that women have started to need protection?

Raksha Bandhan was meant to save the families with the powerful prayers of a woman. The thread of rakhi had her energy within, which acts as a savior even when she is not around. She is the power who has created this world, she is the power who sustains it, she is the power who can destroy too.

This Raksha Bandhan let’s decide that we are far above protection, we protect and will continue to do so. Let’s create a world which doesn’t have threats to be protected from, let’s decide to sustain this beautiful creation called life and let’s decide to destroy whatever malice that is left.

This Raksha Bandhan, Discover your power to protect