Raksha Bandhan is a festival celebrated all throughout the India with different versions of it. Families get together and they celebrate this beautiful festival which binds a brother and a sister in strong bonds of love. It’s literal meaning is the thread of protection. The sisters all around the country tie this blessed thread on the wrists of their brothers and bless them with all the fortune and well being.

There are many mythological tales related to this festival. The story of how goddess Laxmi tied the thread of Rakhi on King Bali’s wrist and requested him to free Vishnu from his word. There is the story of Rani Karna vati of Chittor sent this thread of Rakhi to Emperor Humanyun for protecting her kingdom from the Sultan of Gujrat. He accepted her Rakhi and came to rescue the widowed queen of Chittor.

The Real Story

The stories which we hear about Rakhi are all related to the relationship of brothers and sisters. But not everyone knows that according to Bhavishya Purana, in the war between Gods and demons, Indradev  was disgraced by the powerful demon King Bali. Indra’s wife Sachi went to Vishnu for help. Vishnu gave Sachi a bracelet made of cotton thread, telling her that it is holy. Sachi tied the holy thread around Indra’s wrist. She blessed the thread with her prayers for his well being and success. Indra successfully defeated the Bali and recovered Amaravati. This story inspired the protective power of holy thread. The story also suggests that the Raksha Bandhan thread in ancient India were calles as amulets, used by women as prayers. They used these threads to guard men going to war, and that these threads were not limited to sister-brother like relationships.

Then why have we limited it to just a brother-sister thing?

Don’t our fathers protect us from every evil since the time of our birth? Our brothers live with us for a very limited period of time. When you were a child your brother was a child too. He was as fragile as you. At that time the thread of rakhi just was supposed to inculcate the worth of a sister in his life.Most of us just wrap rakhis in envelops and send them to our brothers. We miss celebrating the festival alone but I sometimes wonder, WHY?

Why can’t I tie rakhi to my husband who is protecting me from everything at every step of my life. He is my savior too. Why can’t I tie it to all the men who I wanna bless with all my heart? Our tales say that this thread has immense power. Then why do forget it that can be tied to everyone who protects us. It can be tied to everyone whom we want to bless.