When it comes to the safety of women, we as citizens of India, are doing everything in our power to ensure that women stay safe. It’s a fact that neither we can change the mentality of people over night nor can we make them get rid of their animal instincts. All we can do is to ensure that we are safe at all times. To ensure this safety our government is taking some initiatives but the process is slow and we know that any implementation on a national level is not done over night.

Out of the many efforts, one is the development of Women Safety Apps. It’s a good effort that makes women feel a little safer while stepping out of their homes. Let’s have a look at the best apps designed to ensure the safety of women along with their features.

When a women’s safety is under threat, there is no time for her make a call to the police station or their kin to let them know their location and get help on time. Women won’t even get time to unlock their phone as it would get snatched away if the molester is smart. In those situations you can resort to the following apps. Along with the use of these apps we request women to be on high alert when they step outside of their homes.



Nirbhaya is the app which is designed using the name of the girl who was brutally raped in Delhi a few years ago. The name itself means making you fearless. It is an android application which can be activated by pressing the home button or by shaking to send the alert or call. You can customize the alert and call. This app requires you to have a data plan and an access to GPS. It sends your location to your kin in every two hours or at a change of 200 meters.


This app incorporates almost all the features which an app requires to make women safe. It shows you pins related to the areas which are safe and unsafe for women to visit. It has features of messaging alert and it allows GPS tracking. It is available in both Hindi and English. In situations of emergency it sends out messages to friends and family predefined by the lady.


SOS Stay Safe

This app is the perfect app for android users. It is free of cost and doesn’t require you to unlock your phone to access it’s features. You just have to keep the app activated and in case of any emergency shaking or taping the home button could send your alert message to your kins along with your location, battery status and an audio recording.


Eye Watch Women

This app is also one of the best they have launched so far. Apart from the alert message, this app sends an audio and a video footage of the surroundings to the predefined contacts. It has been appreciated a lot for it’s high location accuracy, GPRS free functioning and it’s safety confirmation feature which let’s your kin know that your have reached safely by just the press of a button.

Apart from the apps mentioned above there are many more apps which ensure safety of women. Some of them are:

  • Smart 24*7
  • I’m Shakti
  • igoSafely
  • SpotnSave Feel Secure
  • i Follow
  • vithU

It’s of utmost importance that the women should download one of these apps to make sure that they are well equipped to handle any situation which comes their way. Along with the apps, women should carry pepper spray, or stun guns with them at all times. The only way to stay safe is to be so alert that every movement comes to your notice. Train yourself to be observant of people’s behaviors and to keep an eye out for anything which smells fishy.

Download any of the above mentioned app and be safe.


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