A 14 year old boy, Manpreet Sahans, from Mumbai jumped off his seven story building  and the speculations are that he fell prey to an online suicide cult. The video game designed in Russia is called Blue Whale and it has been responsible for claiming many lives in various parts of the world.

This game is a self harm social media challenge and it gives all of it’s players a series of challenges. They are required to do what the game asks and post the pictures of them doing the task online. This scary trend has claimed almost 130 lives in Russia itself and the suicide of this Mumbai boy is the first case in India.

According to the Police, the boy studied in 9th standard in one of the International Schools in Andheri. He dreamed of becoming a pilot and his parents recalled that he expressed his desire to go to Russia for training purposes. Ironically the game which apparently claimed his life was from Russia too.

After a series of small challenges like writing on the arm with a sharp object, the ultimate challenge given to the players is to commit suicide and film every part of it. A neighbor of the Sahans saw this boy jumping off the building. He said that it was around 5 in the evening of July 30 when he went to the terrace of his building and jumped off. He also said that he saw the boy making a video of himself before jumping.

India Today accessed the exclusive picture which the teenager took just before committing suicide. The picture was captioned “Soon the only thing you would be left with is a picture of me.”


The chilling details of this case have brought a fear wave in parents. Manpreet’s parents are in shock. As per Indiatoday, during investigations they said that they felt that his behavior was strange since a week but they did not expect him to commit suicide. The boy sat on the parapet of the building for almost 20 minutes before jumping and he was constantly chatting with his social media friends. He told them that he was committing suicide but no one believed him.

In his school too he told his friends that he would not come to school on Monday. His internet search history showed that he was trying to find the ways to jump off the terrace. He did everything just to accept the last and the ultimate challenge of the game Blue Whale.

A series of alerting messages have started doing rounds all across the nation just to warn parents that there are things which seem harmless but have the potential to harm your children to this extent.