It is very important for a mother to give proper nutrition to a child. They do every thing they can to make sure that a child gets all the nutrition they need in the initial years of life. After birth the immunity of a child is really low and hence, it is of utmost important to give them the foods which increase their immunity.

Mothers are often in a dilemma as to what to give to their child to make sure that he feels full and gets proper nutrition too. Today we present to you a guide where we will try to answer each and every query a mother gets in her mind when she starts to feed the baby solids after the initial six months.

Exclusively Breast Fed Babies:

A mother’s milk is the most nutritious thing you can give to your baby. It is power packed with all the nutrition along with all the white blood cells which pass on your immunity to your child. Against each and every disease you have caught since your birth, your baby will be given the anti bodies for that through your milk.

Here are a few points every mother should understand:

  • At the mark of 6 months, your baby grows to a level where just your breastmilk is not sufficient enough for his development. SO you need to start adding solids to your child’s diet.
  • You don’t have to replace your breastmilk with food, you have to add food to your baby’s already set schedule of breastfeeding.
  • Ideally a child should be breastfed till two years. Because breastmilk is the only thing which has the potential of keeping your baby’s immunity at par.

For the Formula Babies:

It’s no shame that some mothers just find themselves incapable to exclusively breastfeed for the initial six months. Your baby will be very well taken care of if you make sure that he is getting formula milk which suits his body and is giving him nutrition too.

Here are a few things you should know:

  • Don’t feed your baby cow or goat’s milk as you don’t know that authenticity if you are living in one of the metros.
  • There are different brands of formula milk available for babies. Choose the one which suits your little angel. If your baby shows signs of indigestion,or throws up a lot, or starts to gain excess weight, then you should consult a doctor and change the brand of formula.
  • Don’t stop breastfeeding even after you find that your supple is way too low as compared to the demand.
  • Even after six months, keep feeding your baby as much breast milk as you can.

Your Baby’s Nutrition After 6 Months:

Being a mother myself, I have given all of my time to make sure that I raise a baby whose immunity is strong. Today I would share all of my knowledge with you so that you too can worry less about your baby falling sick and more about what to feed him or her next.

After birth babies get growth spurts in every few days which mark that their nutritional requirements have changed once again. Growth Spurts can be periods where the baby suddenly starts to dislike the food he was very keenly eating. In this period you should make sure that your baby is given foods rich in Zinc.

Here are all the things you need to know when you give your baby food for the first time:

  • Start with clear liquids: Since your baby has no teeth, he needs to served with the food which doesn’t choke. Be sure that the initial things you try are mostly clear liquids as your baby is not in a habit of gulping down anything which tastes different. You can go for dal water, vegetable soup, fruit juice.
  • Give Semi Solids: While serving your baby any semi solid food you have to make sure that it is properly mashed. Your baby will just taste it for a second and will gulp it down. So it needs to be as smooth as cream going down his throat. You can try giving your baby mashed potatoes, Semolina milk (sooji kheer), mashed fruits like banana, payaya, boiled apple, pear, and many more such things.
  • After your baby turns nine months old, you can start giving him boiled and mashed eggs too.

Points To Remember For Your Baby’s Nutritional Diet

IRON: Iron is required for your baby’s brain development and your should give your baby iron rich foods like cereals, potatoes, spinach, eggs. Your baby should intake amlost 11mg iron every day.

Zinc: Zinc is the miracle mineral which boosts a baby’s immune system by making more and more white blood cells which fight infection.Zinc rich foods should be given to your baby atleast twice. Foods like cereals have both zinc and iron, milk, yogurt, lentils, cereals.

Calcium: Your baby requires almost 500mg calcium every day. His teeth and bones are just starting to strengthen up. Make sure that you give your baby oatmeal, yogurt, orange juice, cheese and other foods which are rich in calcium.

Vitamins: Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, K are a must for your baby for his overall development and his health. Green veggies,  leafy vegetables, citrus fruits should be added to your baby’s diet for his daily dose of vitamins.

Doctors do recommend Vitamin D supplement these days as many children are deficient in the vitamin which is made by our bodies in sunlight. If your doctor has recommended it, please make sure that you give your child the daily dose of Vitamin D3.

Omega 3: A baby’s brain development id very much dependent on the Omega 3. Fish oil is the best source of Omega 3 fatty acid and if you are taking it, then your baby is getting the required quantity through the breastmilk. If not then give your baby avocados as they are also rich in Omega 3.


  • Yogurt is a must EVERYDAY. It has all the probiotics which which enhance your baby’s ability to absorb the nutrition.
  • The meals should be two hours apart.
  • Two servings of Veggies are important everyday. You can add veggies with rice or cereals to give your baby a powerpaked diet.
  • One serving of fruit is sufficient.
  • Two servings of cereals are also required for all round development.
  • Once your baby turns a year old, you can start with dry fruit powder which will be the nutritional boost to his existing healthy diet.
  • Avoid salt and sugar for a year as they have adverse effects on a baby’s digestive system and kidneys.

Now that you know in detail what your baby needs after six months, you must have realized that it’s very important to give him all the foods which will make him have a healthy life.

Happy parenting.


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