Just like every one else Anushka Sharma has her own mantras to a fit and a fabulous figure. She is not at all a worshiper of those strict diets and is once again a self proclaimed foodie like all of us. Still she manages to maintain a body which is so sleak and sexy that she turns heads where every she goes.

We see her donning the sexiest of dresses, bikinis and her perfect curves make her look like the diva she is. Today we are bringing to you the start to finish routine of this damsel. The secrets of how she maintains her super hot looks are not secrets anymore. Let’s dive in.

Her Favorite is YOGA


Just like the other actresses of Bollywood, the favorite fitness mantra of Anushka Sharma is Yoga too. Her lean stature is a god gift but to maintain it she practices yoga on a daily basis. Yoga increases her flexibility and makes her feel rejuvenated. She has long working hours and the stress takes a toll on her skin too. She keeps it glowing with the help of Yoga. (ALSO READ: Yoga; Asanas to begin with)



She always says that she prefers yoga over working out in a gym. This Piku actress makes sure that she hits the gym at least four times in a week so that she can burn those extra calories she has put on. All the Bollywood starts need to loose or gain weight as per the demand of the character they are playing in their movie. To be a professional, she takes the help of weight and strength training.

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Anushka is very dedicated towards her commitments and she makes sure that travelling and shoots doesn’t affect her work outs. Even when she travels, she makes sure that a session in a gym is spent to keep up her svelte figure. She shared a picture of her after a gym workout right after she flew to London for the shooting of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.

When in her routine she finds time for no exercise, she makes sure that she takes a walk for 30 minutes at least. (ALSO READ: Walking changes your body in a strange way; Know how)

She gets create with Dancing


Well, this is something which is her ‘hatke’ secret to maintain an hourglass figure. As we all know that dancing burns many calories and it gives your body an excellent cardio vascular workout, Anushka makes sure that she dances for about half an hour every day. The dancers are blessed with a very chiseled figure and she too is no exception. (ALSO READ: Zumba Fitness for beginners; Do’s and Don’ts)

The Extra Mile


Going the extra mile has always been one of the attributes of all the people who are successful in their lives. Anushka Sharma is also one of them. For her movie Sultan she trained herself to be a wrestler and she worked very hard to look authentic on screen.

Her Diet


Anushka is a person who advocates the ‘NO Junk Food’ rule. She very strongly feel that whatever a person eats reflects on their skin. If they eat junk food then it makes their skin look dull and they eventually turn over weight. Her mantra for her diet is very simple:


  • Breakfast: Her breakfast is her power meal and she eats two egg whites with a glass of fresh fruit juice to keep her hydrated.
  • Midday snack: For some munching at noon, she eats cheese toast with lime or coconut water. She makes sure that she is well hydrated.
  • Lunch: Anushka is the person who skips eating meals outside until and unless it’s an absolute necessity. She carries lunch from home, which consists of homemade veggies, dal with two chapattis and salad.
  • Evening snack: She prefers to munch on protein bars or seasonal fruits. She doesn’t take much for dinner and, to finish off her day, she gulps down a glass of milk before going off to bed.

This star knows that she has to know her body perfectly to maintain it. She keeps altering her diet and workouts to know what works best for her and that is also one of the reasons she meditates for a healthy and stress free life. (ALSO READ: Sonam Kapoor, Jacqueline Fernandez, Parineeti Chopra Stopped Eating These Foods To Stay Fit)


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