Vaastu shaastra is a very profound science which was written by the scholars of India thousands of years ago. They understood the fact that there are directions which dominate in certain kinds of energies. Every energy has an affect on a human’s body and to be able to regulate all the energies perfectly, Vaastu Shaastra was written.

Vaastu is more importantly a science which helps you lead a better life by bringing your sub conscious in tune with the universe. Growth is the natural phenominon of the universe. Every thing which has taken birth in this nature, will grow until and unless we do something to prevent it from growing. Vaastu removes the blockages you have create for your growth by tuning your sub conscious mind. It makes your receptive of all the good energies which the universe if offering to us all.

After taking advice and notes for one Vaastu expert we are bringing to you some scientific facts which will help you in making your house Vaastu Complaint.

  • We always thought that here are four major directions, East, West, North, South. We couldn’t have been more wrong. There are 16 directions in total and each one of then has a role to play in our lives.
  • Every direction has an attribute of it’s own and to make the house with perfect Vaastu, one needs to understand the nature and attributes of the directions. For example, West is the direction of Gains and money. If a person has a toilet in west then all of his money will go to waste just like the attribute of a toilet. In the same way Depression is the attribute of North North West and if a person sleeps in that direction, he would find himself going into depression.
  • Vaastu works from the sub conscious level of your mind. Any Vaastu remedy which one puts in his home, works on his sub conscious mind. For example, if a person has a painting of a lion killing a horse hanging in the North East direction of his house, then his mind will be full of violence all the time. It is because the direction is related to the human mind and the painting is affecting it.
  • You don’t need to get your house reconstructed if you need to correct the Vaastu. It can be treated by just moving certain colors and objects of your house. Until absolutely necessary the house is not constructionally corrected.
  • South facing houses are bad is just a myth. The entries of the houses lying towards South West are bad. If the main gate of your house lies in South than it brings immense prosperity and success for you.
  • Cleanse your home: Vaastu Shaastra asks you to cleanse your house of any negativity you have brought in with yourself. For cleansing you can use rock salt. The best way is to sprinkle lots of it in your home on the floor over night. Next day in the morning without crossing over it, just gather all of it and take it out of your house. You can also use rock salt for cleaning floor on a daily basis.

These day many vaastu consultants have made it their business and are coning people in the name of making their homes vaastu complaint but the reality is that they are just using people’s innocence to make money. There are a very few people out there who are truly the experts in this profound science.

We are here to make sure that you get served with the best tips of Vaastu to make your happy home even more blissful. For Vaastu tips on money, Stay tuned to


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