The world is getting to a new low it seems. It’s almost every other day, we hear a girl being raped in some part of our country. Today is a horrid day as well because instead of a girl a little boy got raped.

A 13 year old boy from Mumbai, succumbed to his metal and physical trauma after being raped by 4 men. This incident took place just after a week of his 10 year old friend committing suicide. The 13 year old boy, class 8 student was admitted to Mumbai’s Sion hospital on July 13 for consuming rat poison. He was moved to ICU but the poison had effected his liver and kidneys.

On July 20th he gained consciousness for a while and told his parents that he was raped multiple times by various men since June 6. They threatened to kill his entire family if he uttered a word. The forensic expert who examined him confirmed his sexual assault.  “The nature of the injuries on the boy’s private parts suggests he was sexually assaulted many times. There is evidence of forced penetration,” said Mumbai Mirror’s report. The rape led to severe sepsis.

His family said that they felt that he was disturbed since past few days but they didn’t know the reason. The little boy died on July 25th after his body failed to respond to any treatment and his infection grew severe.

It’s so horrifying to read that there are people out there who are so sick that they attack children to satisfy themselves. Before succumbing, the boy named a person called Zahid as one of his assaulters, reported The Times of India. But what good will come out of it. It’s a possibility that he will be caught but what after that. He would be free after serving a sentence. Free to rape someone else.

Here are a few things you can do to make your child safe, because until and unless there is no severe punishment, there is no hope for people to overcome their animal instincts anymore. 

Keep Open Lines Of Communication: Have a healthy and a friendly relationship with your child. Build faith in them and ask them to share each and every thing which they experience in their daily lives. Ask them how their day was at school, ask them what they did, what their friends did and every boring story they have with them.

Educate them: Let your children know about the good and the bad touch from a very early age. Tell them that no one is allowed to touch their private parts, not even their parents. If your children are a bit grown up, explain it to them in detail and ask them to keep an eye for anyone who gives them a wrong sign.

Ask them to be fearless: In most cases, the children who are subjected to sexual assault are told that their families will be harmed if they will not co operate. Just keep telling your children that there is no one in this world who has the potential to harm your family. Teach them to be guarded by the situation of blackmailing. Tell them that no matter what threat they are given, no one has the courage to harm them. Make them fearless and instill faith in them, so that they can tell you anything unusual which happens to them.

Take Action: You as a parent have a responsibility to safeguard your children. You can teach them to guard themselves and if god forbid something happens, don’t hesitate to take action. Take action to make sure that the assualters get punished and they are taught a lesson. Make sure that you give your child counselling to making their lives better again. If you notice any change in their behavior, then it’s your responsibility to find out the reason.

Your child is your responsibility. This is the least you can do.