The days when people used to crash diet are far behind us. Now a days people are more aware of their bodies and they know exactly what to eat, how much to eat to keep them in shape. There are dietitians who are experimenting with certain food and the results are surprising.

After the news of milk being high in hormones, almost half the population of India had a doubt in their minds while drinking their next glass of milk. They are having a hard time trying to eliminate some very basic things from their diet but our Bollywood celebrities are paid to look good and they are ready to do anything to stay fit and healthy.

Today we present to you the foods which these Bollywood actresses have given up to maintain their chiseled hourglass figures:

Sonam Kapoor – Red Meat and yogurt


To keep herself in best shape and to avoid eating unnecessary fats, Sonam Kapoor gave up red meat as a priority before turning vegan all together. If you too are trying to cut down on your calories, then instead of red meat you should opt for lean meats like chicken, tuna, turkey.

Sonam Kapoor’s dietician Radhika Karle realized that yogurt was also not serving any purpose in this diva’s body. She compensated the probiotics, which are present in curd naturally, with a probiotic supplement.

Jacqueline Fernandez – Sugar


This Kick star never allow any processed sugar in her diet. She keeps a check on what she eats and everything from start to finish is sugar free for her. Processed sugars harm ones body in more than one way. They can wreck holy hell on WBC’s, give a spike to blood sugar and ultimately lead to more and more storage of fats.

Parineeti Chopra – Milk and Eggs


Parineeti has surprised everyone with a newly blessed figure. She has lost all the flab and is now one of the hottest chick in town. With her visit to every A-lister’s favorite detox center, Viva Mayr in Austria, she got to know that the culprit in her diet which was keeping her from loosing all the weight is MILK. She was eating healthy and was exercising as well but there was not much of a difference. Then she gave up milk and this is how she looks. Eggs were also hampering her metabolism and she eliminated those too.

Deepika Padukone – Rice


Rice is a very well know culprit when it comes to weight gain. But since we all love rice so much we can’t eliminate it completely from our diets. So did Deepika Padukone. Being a big time rice lover, she decided that she will not eat rice at night. There are many healthier alternatives available to the very much used Basmati rice. You can go for brown rice or paraboiled rice which are more nutritious and high on fiber.


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