When we thought that there is no more scope for Indian television to degrade anymore, when we thought that we have seen the worst of the worsts and there can’t be more bizarre stories which people can create, we saw the first episode of Sony TV’s Pehredaar Piya Ki.

Everything which is wrong with the world is portrayed in a glamorized way in this TV show. What are the makers thinking? After watching the first episode I am pretty sure that people would be finding it fascinating to watch how events turn our for this 9 year old boy who proposes a 19 year old girl for marriage. He not only proposes, he stalks her too.

With a camera in his hands he runs behind her and manages to stay close to keep his clicks going. The girl, as if girls are so irresponsible and unaware, doesn’t even notice that she is getting stalked. For no apparent reason, she goes around the village dancing in town, still unaware of the stalking. Suddenly god sends a cockroach and to rescue a scared 19 year old girl, a 10 year old boy rushes. He holds her before she could fall on the floor and instantly he proposes. When the boy proposes to her she takes it as a joke and doesn’t even react when she finds out that he had been clicking her pictures. Also she took the proposal so well that she asked the boy to come and ask her father for her hand in marriage. He ends up marrying her and she becomes his ‘Pehredar’. What the hell?

When the producer of the show was asked about the horrible plot, he said,”First and foremost it is a fiction show. It is a story of a girl, who has been given the job to protect this royal prince from the impending threat. To be with him 24X7, she decides to marry her. She is a Pehredaar and the bond that they share is a very pure one. Love is a dynamic term. We love our parents, our siblings, kids, friends… Isn’t that pure love?”

What a marvelous justification!! Don’t these Tv producers and directors have a moral obligation towards the audiences for whom they are making the shows? Or just earning money is their only motto? It’s a humble request to all the logical people out there, please at all costs avoid the Tv shows which degrades our quality of entertainment and are like a big disgrace to the Indian society.

Let’s hope that god pours some sense into these people and they start making stuff that makes sense and is respectable at least.


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