We all try to give our babies the best of things, no matter if it’s comfort, education, toys or food. Sometimes unknowingly we harm our child’s health by giving them some of the foods which are considered safe for consumption but have some serious ill effects on their health.

All women get dumped with all the advise in the world when they become mothers. Some say that you should start formula from the very beginning else the baby won’t drink any other milk later, some say that children should be introduced to all the flavors in their first year itself otherwise they will become a picky eater ( BTW We have a solution for that too) and many more. The women get confused with all the advise and loose focus of what is actually healthy for their baby.

Today we are presenting to you all the things you need to know about your baby’s nutrition and food. Here are the five things you must avoid and for the things which will boost his immunity, you can click right here to know more: 5 Immunity Boosting foods for your baby

1. Packaged Fruit Juices

Yes, you read it right. Fruit juice which is packaged is one of the most harmful drinks you can give to your baby irrespective of their age. These juices are many times artificially flavored and are very highly loaded on sugar. They have empty calories with almost no nutrition. If you are willing to give juices to your child, then you can make some fresh juice at home.

Before your baby turns one year old, it is absolutely inadvisable to give sugar as it can affect their teeny tiny kidneys. But after they turn an year old, you can give fresh juice and avoid those juicy drinks like Frooti, Maaza too.

2. Biscuits, Crackers and Chips

These are every mother’s rescue foods when she has nothing better to give to her child to satisfy hunger for the moment. We very easily open up a packet and serve it to our little packets of joy. They relish the taste and we consider our jobs done. Well, let me break the truth to you that the crackers and chips you are offering to your child may harm health in more than one way. The Palmolein oil used to make these chips is the leading GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) and is one of the most common reason for children to have hormonal issues later. The high salt content of these chips also effects their kidneys.

Biscuits are considered a safer option for kids but that too is an illusion. They are unnecessarily loaded up with sugar and butter which hamper the digestion process of your child. They also contain refined flours which also affect their health adversely.

3. Aerated Drinks

One more thing which is overloaded with sugar and has empty calories. The aerated drinks have added carbon dioxide which creates the fizz. It is the worst drink you can offer to your child. There is not a single organ in your child’s body which remains unaffected by this fizzy drink.

Fizzy drinks are also associated with the early onset of puberty in children and it’s consumption in very early childhood can lead to many problems like tooth damage, liver damage, obesity, diabetes and many more such horrible diseases.

4. Candies and Lollipops

If there is anything which is just made up of sugar and artificial colors, then it is a lollipop. All the hard candies, gums, lollipops, jelly toffees etc can cause cavities and other dental problems for your child. As they stay in your child’s mouth for a long period of time, it tends to make them addicted to sugar. The nutritional value is nil and the taste which is relished thoroughly by the tots is nothing but food colors and added flavors.

5. Fast Food

Anything which comes by the name of fast food should be a total no-no for your kid. It contains nothing healthy for them and there are a zillion ways in which they harm their bodies. Excess use of mayonnaise, which is nothing but 80% oil makes the food tasty to eat but it creates major health hazards. Once again the oil which is used in making burger patties is all Palmolein oil which is used for weeks. The repetitive heating and frying in the same oil makes it even worse.

It’s hard to avoid these foods because our kids are already familiar to their tastes and demand them very often. The least we can do is to start by limiting their consumption to almost once a month. You can find healthy alternatives and give them comfort food which is good on nutritional scale. After all it’s all about our kids and their well being.


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