It was World Emoji Day on 17th of July and why would anyone let a chance go where they can launch a few new emoji’s and convey a message too. Apple made it’s contribution to the World Emoji Day and made it easier for the people to express. In today’s times expressing emotions have become easy because of the technology. ย Just a click of a button and you perfectly convey how you feel.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook personally took to twitter and announced the launch of new emojis.


Apple has been planning to launch these new emoji’s and here they are. They include a woman in a hijab, a man in a beard, a breastfeeding mama, a coconut, a zebra, zombie and many more. The emojis will come to iOS, MacOS and WatchOS later this year.

Unicode Consortium, a nonprofit group that sets the global standard for emoji and text characters, approved 69 new symbols and these emoji’s are Apple’s way of interpreting them all. Here have a look:


From mere 722 emoji’s two years ago,ย Unicode Consortium has dramatically increased the number to 2,666 emoji’s. Which one is your favorite. Let us know in the comments section below. Stay tuned to for more such updates.


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