Going to the gym and working out is not a new addition to a woman’s routine. We want to stay in shape and that’s why we decide that we will go to the gym at least 5 days in a week and will keep ourselves healthy and fit. Well, not exactly healthy and fit, I think women go to the gym to look sexy. They don’t want to loose their oomph factor and decide to sweat out the extra calories to maintain a svelte figure.

It doesn’t matter if you have recently joined a gym or you have always been a member, you will always have a motto while stepping out of the house. You decide to be certain kilos lighter, or you decide to be a few inches thinner or just a few kilos heavier. There are always trainers on the floor who assist you with your goal and tell you how to reach there. They will decide your diet, will ask you to shuffle between cardio and weights and will assist you with your form of exercising too. But there are a few things which no trainer tells you and you end up being ‘that girl’ of the gym, if you know what I mean. Today we are listing to you the things which are an utmost priority for a girl to know for her to be gym ready.

Get The Right Clothes

You can’t just pick up a gym bag, drop a bottle in there and leave for a workout session. You need to have proper clothing for an extremely sweaty session. I have seen many women coming to the gym in their pajamas and loose round neck t-shirts. They think if the clothes are loose, their boobs would not bounce. They are totally mistaken, the bounce happens because you choose the wrong bra. I’ll tell you more about that later but their loose t-shirts just hang down to the floor when they bend in many of their exercises. Everything from the Himalayas is visible to all. There are mirrors all around in a gym and one wrong move makes you the one who serves as an eye candy to all.

BRA Matters

Invest in some good sports bras. They provide more support and are steadier than the usual bras you wear. If you are confident enough and have a chiseled body, you can buy those stylish cut out sports bra and wear a tank top to go with them. They will make you look hot without giving a sneak peek into the whole matter.

Finding the right bra for yourself is also a tedious task. When it comes to finding the right sports bra, you have to be careful that the cup holds the whole breast with no spillage. Perform a stretch test of the cups, the less they give, the steadier their hold will be.

Makeup Maniacs

I have never understood the need to wear make up to the gym. Your aim for going to the gym is to sweat out those extra layers of fat you have accumulated. There is no need to be runway ready for a gym session. That extra dash of pop color to the lips really hurts my eyes. Remember your goal and keep it in your mind that you are not headed to the gym to find your next date. You are there to workout and it’s high time that you have a no make up policy for your gym sessions

No Giggly Gossip Sessions

One more blunder which most women make when they are at the gym. They indulge in giggly girly sessions of gossip in between their workouts. It breaks their rhythm and then they wonder why others are getting results but they are not. Getting into those giggles not only diverts you from your aim, it breaks the flow of your workout too. Your heartbeat will return to normal in mere ten minutes of who flirted with whom gossip. Just keep your focus and you can always talk after your workout is over.

Yes, those warm ups and stretches are a must for women too

Many a times I have seen women, who start a treadmill session as soon as they land in a gym. It’s as if they don’t have any time to waste on the useless movements of their hands and legs which is called the warm up. Those movements are not intended to make you look like a clown, they have a purpose and they regulate the blood flow in your body. They lubricate your joints and make them workout ready.

Also the stretches that you skip many a times are essential too. They make sure that blood reaches to every inch of your muscles and they recover faster. Trust me if you will do your stretching properly, you will have much less pain in your body.

These are the things which no trainer will tell you. It depends on you and your dedication if you decide to follow these or not. Stay tuned to SheNeeds to know more about health and fitness.


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