Last night I was reading an article which was very much shared among women of all age groups. It was a story of a husband and a wife and how they drifted apart after 10 years of marriage. The article mentioned all the romantic things they both used to do for each other in the beginning of their relationship but as time went by everything became monotonous. The same routines, the same habits. Woman got busy with the children and man found solace in his work eventually.

The story shared the woman’s side of the story; it was about how she wanted her husband to be romantic and he never seemed to take a hint. One day to make her most pleasant dream a reality, her husband did something which made her guilty of doubting his love. She found herself feeling bad for the fact that she had her doubt on a man who is very much in love with her.

I want to know if that feeling will be remembered all throughout the life? Will she always remember that her husband loves her no matter how busy he is? Or would it need constant renewals like life insurance premiums? I know that it is very essential for a couple to spend time together, to express their love for each other but I don’t know how fair it is to come to a conclusion that he has fallen out of love with you just because he has grown a little non romantic with time.

Why is there an urge in you to make yourself think that your happiness is subjected to certain actions taken by someone else? Women get bitter, their moods stay spoiled and they keep narrating their sad story to themselves in their minds so that they don’t fall out of feeling the pain.

I have met many women who are just in a habit of romancing the pain. Out of five wonderful things, they would crib about the ones they don’t want and are unhappy with. They prefer being sad than being happy. They keep recalling the events which made them sad, they keep looking at themselves in the shadow of a misery mirror. They don’t know that they are the ones around which the happiness of their home revolves. They are the ones who are being looked upon by their kids, they are creating the energies of the house and if they are sad, the entire household will be the same.

I just want to bring this to every woman’s notice that you are the most powerful creature nature has created. You are capable of making a new life in you, you are capable of feeling emotions so intensely that you can make anything happen. Men are not capable enough to do so. Then why are you finding yourself so helpless all the time. Stop romancing the pain. No good has ever come out of it. If the situation calls for a solution, then do it and if there is no solution, then cribbing or crying is not going to help anyone. The least you can do is to smile and go through the journey of your life.

You are the source of every feeling you feel. You create it within you and you are so powerful that your mind proves it to you with examples that you are absolutely right. If you have to make your mind prove anything to you, then why not give it a task of proving to you that you are the most wonderfully happy person on earth. Why not feel ecstatic? I know many of you would object and say that their situations are such that they can’t find a reason to smile. Well, I have seen people going through unimaginable pain and still they manage to smile. Your situations would eventually change, the least you can do is to smile and fight till then.

It’s most beautiful curve on your bodies, so keep smiling ladies.


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