Women are those treasures who are blessed with the capacity to manage both their family and their work with a perfect balance. They know how to manage their household work in such a way that their career doesn’t suffer. While some women prefer to go to office, there are some who can’t. Sometimes they prioritize their babies, sometimes there are constraints in their families and many more reasons for them to stay at home. Just because these women choose not to work from office, doesn’t mean that they are ineligible to work.

These days there are numerous opportunities for women to work from home. They can very well use their talent to find work and can start earning a living. Being independent is the only feeling which gives you a tremendous boost in confidence and every woman should experience the financial independence in their lives  just to see their confidence roar.

Today we are listing some of the best work from home options for women.

Mystery Shopper

No woman I know hates shopping. What better for a woman to start earning as they shop. In mystery shopping, women can get associated with firms like Redquanta, Firmwalk, Channelplay and many more. As per the job, they will be required to go and shop anonymously in a store allotted to them by the company they are working for. They have to keenly observe the services provided by the staff, the quality of the products and the ambiance of the store. After evaluation, they are given a form to fill where they are required to fill up a questionnaire. There they have to list every thing they noticed along with the pictures as proof. After submission, they are paid the money to visit the store and sometimes they are paid for the shopping as well. Sounds good?

Be a freelancer

Whatever talent you hold, you can make money with it. These days there are numerous websites which allow you to showcase your skills and get some freelancing work. It doesn’t matter if you are a writer or an architect or a graphic designer, there is work for all. All you need to do is to register on these websites and create a portfolio for yourself. Showcase all of your previous experiences and start applying to jobs. You can find jobs ranging from $2- $20 per hour based on your skills.

Be a professional Blogger

Blogging is the trend these days. The people who can write are ruling the world because they have a global exposure for their content. For women who have a skill of penning down their thoughts, it’s the best way to start earning from home. Keep creating your portfolio till the time someone hires you for writing their content. Keep sharing your content with your friends and keep an eye out for all the content writing opportunities. Since you will be blogging regularly, your own blog can become popular if the right audience is targeted and you can earn through your own blog.

Vacation Planning Counselor

Who doesn’t love vacations? Well, if you were given a chance to roam around the world virtually, it would be nothing less than a treat. You can start by sharing your own travel stories and can assist others to plan their vacations too. There are many travel websites which require women who work from home, to be their vacation planning counselor. Because women are good at organizing things, they can organize wonderful trips while keeping everything in their minds right from the comfort of a travelling baby to a range of other activities to be done.

If you are a wanderer yourself, then this is the right work from home opportunity for you.

Sell your Home cooked food Online

We have saved the best for last. All women are chefs in their own homes but have you ever wondered if you had access to a number of people who would be willing to try the food you cook? Do you know that these days you can sell your home cooked food online? There are websites like Watscooking.com which provide you with a good exposure and all you have to do is to sell the food you cook at home. You can register with them and people looking for home cooked food will be able to find you in their search. Isn’t it awesome? You will grow your clientele and you will start earning a living. There are many house wives who are making more than INR 20,000 by selling their home cooked food to people online.

 We wish all the women great luck in finding the right home based work opportunity for them. If you liked the opportunities we mentioned above, don’t forget to let us know through the comments section below. Also please like and share the article for it to reach as many women as possible.