When we get into a relationship we always feel that we have found the one we were seeking. Those tingling bells in our stomach, those sleepless nights and the constant state of wondering makes us believe that we are with the right person. However, for many, things change soon after the honeymoon period ends. You start to realize that the person whom you thought to be ‘the one’ is not so special in reality. Things get complicated when you know that the feeling which you named ‘love’ has flown out of the window in a matter of a few months.

Even after knowing that the relationship you are in has no future, you avoid putting an end to it. You may be scared of breaking someone’s heart, you don’t want to go through the stress of a break up and above all you are not sure if things might just work out. Well, if you keep convincing yourself the things mentioned above, then you need to read what we have in store for you. If you are in denial, then these signs mentioned below will tell you that it’s high time you broke up.

The cute habits turn annoying

As you might be able to recall, all the habits of your partner fascinate you when it’s the start of a relationship. Even if you know that you dislike a certain habit, you tend to ignore it and look at the bigger picture. But the things get ugly when those habits become the bigger picture. Almost all throughout the day you are annoyed by one or the other habit of your partner and it get to your nerves. Take it as a sign that you are not compatible with him to spend a life time together.

When you find yourself looking for other men

Just take it that you are in a dead relationship when you start considering options. When you realize that you are once again on a hunt to find ‘the one for yourself’ and other men who are different from the one you are dating attract you more, then it’s time to call it quits. There is no point in being in a relationship and going through the emotional turmoils when you know that there is no future for your relationship. (ALSO READ: Here’s Why Your Man hates PDA)

When you are reason for every mess up

This is the most important point to take care of. Arguments and fights are normal between all the couples. They are two individuals and they are supposed to have different opinions but when every time you get blamed for things not working out, then you must know that it is time for you to put an end to the relationship. If your partner would be willing to work things out then he would take responsibility for his mess ups and mistakes, he will not just blame it all on you. If you let it happen to you for a long time, then it may affect your state of mind. So don’t let yourself suffer, just let it got.

When it feels like you are standing at a dead end

There comes a point in many relationships where you stop realizing where your relationship is headed. When you feel like you are not going anywhere with the efforts you are putting in, then there is no reward for you in the relationship. Several couples know that they can work things out together and they move ahead in that direction but in some cases you will find yourself isolated with the efforts and it will only be you who will be concerned about taking the relationship ahead. When you loose all hope of things getting better, you should just move away.

Move on if you are not happy

Being happy is the primary aim of your life. Just remember that everything you do is for your own happiness. If being in a relationship is not giving you any happiness and there is only suffering and heart break, then you can always prioritize yourself and call it quits. If you find yourself worrying about the relationship most of the times, then there is no point in making yourself suffer. Just break up and get your happiness back.

We know it’s hard to deal with a break up but when it is for your own good, you should do it without being guilty of breaking someone’s heart.