In a world where breastfeeding a baby is treated as a social stigma, we are witnessing an empowering change in the mindsets of women. Breaking all the taboos and setting standards for women all around the world, Australian parliamentarian Larissa Waters breastfed her baby in a parliament session.

She was moving a motion as she held her three and a half month old baby for feeding her little girl. Addressing the house, she was speaking about black lung disease, a condition affecting coal miners while feeding her daughter Alia Joy. She didn’t hesitate even for a moment before giving her girl the food she needed, she just put a piece of cloth on her shoulder and there she was breastfeeding in front of all the parliamentarians.

This is not the first time she did this in a Parliamentary session. In May too she made headlines for breastfeeding her little darling in the parliament, this time she was just moving a motion.

Her bold move has gathered accolades for her from all across the globe. When women who are in powerful positions make such moves, it sets an example for those who look up to them. She addressed the stigma related to breastfeeding a baby in public and made it very clear that there is nothing ‘disgusting’ about feeding a baby.

Previously, mothers had to leave the chamber to breastfeed and were required to seek a proxy for any votes. But she has made a difference and her message was clear and strong. She is proving that breastfeeding a baby is a bliss and there should be no shame if breastfeeding a child in public.

More power to all the breastfeeding mothers out there.

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