With concept of GST being rolled out, our country is moving towards a better tomorrow. While the implications on prices are being evaluated in detail, there are a few things which are catching everyone’s eye. On such thing is the Sanitary Napkin.

According to the rates, sanitary napkins are set to be charged with 12% tax under the GST Regime. Since sanitary napkins qualify as a health essential for women, many are trying to get the product exempted from tax. Members of Vichardhara Grami Vikas Sanstha from district Latur, Maharashtra have launched a campaign to demand tax free sanitary napkins. They have started a hunger strike and are raising their voices to be heard.

“We will not withdraw the stir till the sanitary pads are excluded from the purview of GST,” Chhaya Kakde of the NGO told reporters of NDTV. “We have also written to Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis with our demand” she continued.

The expected increase in the expenditure to maintain the basic hygiene during the menstrual periods of a woman has added to her troubles. Women are voicing their opinions on social media platforms and are using the #LahukaLagaan to oppose the tax on sanitary napkins.

Women are demanding that just making the sanitary pads tax free won’t ensure the menstrual hygiene of women in our country, there should be vending machines installed in Public toilets, government institutions and educational institutes.

According to the statistics only 12% women in India have access to sanitary pads, rest 88% depend on cotton cloths, newspapers and bundled leaves. Women today are trying to bring to every one’s notice that poor menstrual hygiene leads to reproductive issues and diseases like cervical cancers too.

Taxing the napkins has agitated women even further and women in Maharashtra have gone on a hunger strike to demand the tax exemption on sanitary napkins.

The women’s wing of National Congress Party has launched a signature campaign to press the demands of tax free sanitary pads on government. Well, we don’t know how successful this campaign will be, but we do know that menstruation is an avoidable process for women and taxing the basic products used to maintain the hygiene is unacceptable.

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