In the world of today where women are standing with men in all spheres of life, there are many who struggle to make their own identity while staying at home. Many talented women stay at home and use their brilliant management skills to bring up their children, manage their home and do other household chores. They often wonder if they can use these skills to make a living.

Although there are numerous opportunities for women to earn, we are listing the best small business ideas for the women who have an entrepreneurial approach.  These ideas don’t require a big investment, they just need you commitment.

Become an Online Reseller

Well, in a world where internet is everything, this is the best option for those who are already into selling products. If any of your family members is selling some merchandise offline, you can start to sell them online. All you need to do is to register yourself on the websites like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal and they will help you in setting up an online store. Even if you have no offline selling and you are a shopping freak, you can sell the things which you know are in demand. Just buy them and the packaging, shipping will all be taken care of by these websites.


If you have a flair for writing and till now you were keeping your pieces safe in a diary, it’s time that you put them on the web. These days there are many courses which will guide you through the process of blogging and how to earn with it. You can easily set up a website of your own and can start to earn . When your website will have good traffic, you will earn, it’s as simple as that. Alternatively, you can take up content writing as a job. You can find home based content writing assignments easily on the internet.

House cleaning services

We all know how important maids are for every women. We always suffer because of the tantrums which maids throw at us, there are management issues, poor skills and many more such problems which we face.

If there was someone to manage the maids, how easy would our lives be. Just get a catalog made for the maids in your area, promise them good salaries and get them work as per their time availability. As for your clients you can give them customized services because you know what their requirements are. Give good maids to your clients and enjoy a ‘smooth running’ house maid services agency. Just keep your online presence strong, ask your clients to give reviews and ratings.

Mobile Spa services

These days people are so busy that they don’t get enough time to pamper themselves. You can advertise that you will give them the comfort of a spa in their own home. Make sure you have all the apparatus you need and good masseurs too. Your clientele will increase over night with customer recommendations. The more satisfied customers you have, the stronger your brand will be.

Wedding Planner

Every woman loves marriages. And it is the easiest task for a woman to manage multiple platforms at the same time. If a woman feels that she has exceptional management skills then she can think of starting a wedding planning venture. She would do wonders to her financial portfolio if she will be understanding her customer’s demands, will deliver on time and has brilliant creative skills. Women with little or no knowledge of a business can also get into this venture as they already are aware of how marriages work. They just need to build contacts and get them all in one place.


Since women are bestowed with great maternal skills, a daycare also makes a good business opportunity for them. They can start with a small investment and decorate their own home to make it baby friendly and attractive. You can start by getting a word out in your neighborhood. Keep your maternal instincts strong and run a business which will not see a slump so easily because people will not stop having kids.

The above mentioned ideas require minimal investment and give you a scope to earn as much as you want. The veiled capabilities of women are now getting exposure and what better to start than a home run business which is solely in your hands to manage. Just avoid making the common mistakes of investing a huge amount in the very beginning or starting without assessing your interest and many more, to ensure that you have a successful home run business.

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