Monsoon is upon us and the rains are making our lives more and more beautiful. The weather is breezy with drizzles all over. We can survive the drizzle but to face the rain we need to be prepared.

As most of our country will be witnessing rain in the next month, it’s better for us to be prepared. Today let’s learn how to get yourself ready for a rainy day.

What fabrics to keep handy

Since you will be surprised with unexpected rain anytime of the day, it’s better if you dress yourself in fabrics which are easy to dry. Also the fabrics which stick to the skin are a big no. The most chosen fabrics for monsoons are cotton, crepe, Lycra, polyester, etc. These fabrics will not only dry easily, they will not retain any mud stains for long. As soon as they ll dry, the mud will fall right off. You have to cautious to wear clothes which do not stick to the skin as soon as they get wet.

What to wear

Short skirts and midies are best for rainy days. They are flowy and get dried very easily. Knee length trousers and capris are a good choice too. Since full length trousers get muddied, it’s better to keep your legs bare till the knee.

Always carry a scarf with you as you might need it if in case your t shirt hugs you way too much after getting wet. Stay away from the clothes whose colors drip o getting wet. They will make you look like a canvas on a runway.

Choose dark colors as the mud stains are visible on them and you won’t feel that your skin is peeking on getting wet.

Here comes the shoes

We know how much childish you are in your heart, so it’s better to wear gum boots or tall boots. They will keep your feet dry and will not let you slip. You can also wear rubber slippers or those plastic ones with glittery colors. Just don’t even think about taking those beautiful stilettos or your leather shoes out of your closet.

Rain coat

It doesn’t matter how much of a rain lover you are, you will need a rain coat. You might not be in a mood to get wet sometimes and a rain coat will be your escape. There are variety of options available in the market. You can also choose the classic trench coat if you don’t feel like experimenting.


Humid weather is not good for your hair. As the rains start, we know your hair get unmanageable. To avoid looking like a cuckoo’s nest, you can always choose safe hairstyles on a rainy day. Opt for a braid or a pony tail just to be on the safer side. You can also choose donut bun or a crown braid to show your creativity.

Waterproof Makeup

No one like a dripping face but everyone like getting drenched in rain. If you are still not using waterproof make up, it’s time you buy some. Waterproof make up will stay no matter how much rain you enjoy.

We hope you liked the tips. Stay tuned to SheNeeds for more such updates.

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