Women love dressing up. It doesn’t matter if it is for a family function or an office party, we always love to look our best. Working women often face an issue where they have to come up with a dress to wear for work everyday in the morning. Dressing up for offices can be tricky and a small mistake can ruin your impression.

Also, the way you dress up eventually defines your confidence. It leads you to perform better and hence it is important that you dress appropriately to work everyday.

Today we are presenting to you the best guide to get yourself ready for a day at office:

1. Define the Appropriate Dressing for your work place

You need to decide which dresses are appropriate for you to wear in your office. It doesn’t matter if it is a skirt and a blouse or a saree, you can look confident and authoritative in any outfit you chose. Just make sure that the clothes you wear are crisp and go with the environment you are working in.

2. Don’t be too sexy

While choosing your office outfits you need to make sure that they are not having plunging necklines or too short hemlines. Peeking undergarments also convey a message that you are careless. Always make sure that you look great without going over board with the “sexy”. After all you want to known for your work, not what you wear.

3. Don’t over accessorize

When a woman dresses up, her attire is incomplete without her accessories. When you get ready for office, just keep in mind that your accessories are meant to enhance your look not to over power your personality. Keep the accessories minimal and full of impact.

4. Your accessories should not make noise

Well, this is something all Indian women struggle with. Since most of the married women wear bangles all throughout their lives, it becomes a part of their office dressing too. It should be taken care of that the accessories you are wearing are not making any noise as it will lead to unnecessary distractions for your colleagues.

5. Keep that bag clean and tidy

When you go to office, your bag is the most important thing you carry. It is not only an accessory but a thing of great utility to you. They way you maintain your bags speaks volumes about your sincerity. Specially the bags which are open should be kept clean as anyone can have a look into your personal space just by peeking into your bag.

6. Your Fragrance

The fragrance you wear to your office space needs to be very subtle. You can’t smell strong. The rule that no one should be able to smell you is enough to understand how soft a fragrance you have to use.

7. The shoes

All working women have to know a fact that they can’t wear those very pointy heels to their office. The heels need to be average in height and they need not make a sound as you walk.

Women should also be very careful while wearing peep toes or wedges which reveal their toes. They need to have pedicured feet to showcase them in those heels.

8. Watches

A watch is something which enhances your look manifold. It will make you look professional, stylish and powerful all at the same time. Don’t wear those loose bracelet style watches as they will bring down your style game. Also make sure that the heels are properly cleaned and polished from time to time to maintain their shine.

We hope that these tips make your look as powerful and professional as you want to be. Do let us know if there is something we forgot and you remember. For more such tips stay tuned to SheNeeds.

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