All my life I have heard that I am too lazy to clean and I don’t have the very basic instinct of cleaning which most women do. After years of conflict I have accepted that I am the laziest person when it comes to cleaning my house. Every time I start to clean I try to find the shortest route to my destination. I use all the hacks I read online, I try homemade blends and every possible trick to make my work easier and sharper.

Today I am sharing with you some of the brilliant cleaning hacks I have come across till date. I use them every time I decide to give my house a breath of fresh air.

  • Use oil to remove oil. We know it sounds bizarre but it works wonders. Just try taking a few drops of your regular vegetable oil, pour it onto a sheet and rub those greasy gunks which sit on your stove. The greasy chunks will come out faster and will not let the dirt set in again.
  • Have you tried using a car wax on your stove top? If not, then it’s high time that you use a thin layer of your car wax on your stove. Just use a paper towel to rub some of the wax and see the shine. It will make your future spills super easy to clean and you will love your new stove.
  • My table is always filled with water marks. When I feel like a genie, I just pick up a hair dryer and blow sot hot air onto the marks. And woof, in seconds my table looks neat and clean.
  • Tough stain on your favorite carpet? Don’t worry, just take vinegar in a spray bottle, add equal amount of water and spray a clean rag with it. Place the rag over the stain and use your iron to give some steam to the stain. After a few minutes, the stain will come off with the rag. Vinegar will also help with the foul smell.
  • Being a lazy person, cleaning the bathrooms is the most boring thing in the world for me. Those hard water stains which sit on the faucets became so easy to clean with lemon. Just cut a lemon in half and rub it all over the faucet. They will be rust free for long and will shine bright.
  • Cleaning the microwave is a piece of cake when you put in white vinegar in a bowl along with a few drops of essential oils and just run it for 5 minutes. Let it sit a little longer if you have hard stains. Use a damp cloth to wipe and all your stains will come right off.
  • Use rubbing alcohol to get the stain off of a microfiber. Just pour some of the alcohol on a colorless sponge and rub the stain off. After the alcohol dries don’t forget to put the micro fiber in it’s place using a bristle brush.

Try these hacks next time you decide to clean your house and let us know how they worked out for you?

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