We all have tried to loose weight at some point in time. We give it all we have. We go on diets, we work out, we take supplements and we hope that the health will start to replenish itself.
Today’s recipe is for those diet conscious people who are doing every thing to loose those extra tires from around the waist or the flabby arms or fat in general.
2 tablespoon of ghee
50gms desiccated coconut
50gms Almond floor
Stevia powder; stevia is an alternative to sugar. It is natural and doesn’t harm the body. It’s available online for a reasonable price
  • Heat 2tsp ghee in a nonstick pan.fry 50gms of desiccated coconut (i just eyeballed) in slow flame for sometime.
  • Add equal amount of almond flour and cook for 4-5mins in slow flame. Remove the pan from stove and add 6tsp stevia powder and mix well(add sweetener according to your taste. I like it less sweet so added little) .
  • Now put the pan back on the stove and cook for few seconds, add water little by little to reach binding consistency and then cook for another 3-4 minutes.
  • Switch off the gas and enjoy garama garam halwa or roll them into laddos and store in the refrigerator and enjoy for next 16 days .

This easy recipe will give you nutrition as well as a healthy supplement to curb your hunger.

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