Every year on the 21st of June we celebrate International Yoga Day. The day was proposed by our honorable Prime Minister during the UN General Assembly on September 27, 2014. He brought the significance of yoga to the fore and made the world realize what a wonderful blessing Yoga is.

Why Yoga?

What ever we humans do is an expression of our own self. Some of us paint, some of us dance and others do what they like. Everything we say, we do is essentially an expression of who we are. Yoga, however is dimensionally opposite to this. Yoga determines who we are. Yoga is just not about the physical activity. It is a system which needs our complete involvement. It enhances our spiritual self and makes us more aware of who we are. It liberates us from the things we associate ourselves with. Yoga is a process which has the power to change and define who we truly are.

Yoga is a state where you experience everything within your own consciousness. You start from your body, move to breath, then to your brain and then to your inner self. Yoga brings you in a symmetry and all your dimensions get addressed equally.

Yoga is not an exercise which one can do to reduce weight or to gain some clarity of thought or for an enhanced digestion. Yoga is a way with which you work with your body to prepare, discipline and purify it for higher levels of energy.

In Yoga one understands the mechanics of ones body use body postures to drive one’s energy to specific directions.¬†Yogaasana is a posture which allows you to experience your higher self. By doing Yoga, your body can become a means for you to grow in all dimensions of life, be it health, wealth or spirituality.

Let us take for example that your back is hurting. Now for the days to come till the time your back pain subsides, the most unbearable trouble of your life will be your own spine. You will be stuck in a physical dimension and you will not be able to liberate yourself from your misery.

Yoga is the way which can make you look beyond the physical aspect of your own self. The asanas will ease out every inch of your body and you will feel the surge in energy. There will be a newly infused flexibility in your system, not just physically but spiritually too. When you will become flexible you will listen more. You will hear what life has to say to you and that liberation will make your life ecstatic.

This International Yoga Day, decide to move towards a better you. Ecstatic sounds good? Try Yoga.

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