Has it ever happened to you that you tried to hold your man’s hand in public and he gave you a cold shoulder? Or when you were sitting in a group of friends and your man said the most adorable thing. You couldn’t control and went ahead to kiss him but her didn’t reciprocate. Well, all the women our there have had their share of rejection from the man who loves them the most. Men are not comfortable with the Public Display of Affection and they will ask you to stop when you will publicly touch their hair or stroke their arms. It’s neither that they have to hide their relationship with you nor are they falling out of love. It’s just that they are made that way. Here are a few insights why men hate the thought of publicly displaying their affection.

They have an Alpha Male Image

All men are brought up with alpha male image of themselves. They are not the most cuddle loving creatures on this planet. When they are alone with you, they do everything in their power to convey it to you that they are head over heels in love with you. However, when they are in public, they have an image of themselves which they need to carry. Every time you want to go “AWW Mera babu” in front of people, they can’t reciprocate. They behave macho all the time and their cuddly face is reserved for your private time.

They are reserved

Men by their very nature are a little shy and reserved. They are not that much expressive when it comes to love.They just want you to know that they are madly in love with you without having to say it or show it in public.  This is one of the major reasons for their cold behavior when you show them your love in front of  others. Just keep your moves reserved for later and he will definitely tell you how much you mean to him.

No Extra Stares

Believe it or not but your man is more possessive for you than you are for him. He knows that you grab many eyeballs all the time. He just doesn’t want to add a few more just because you want to show your affection to him. Living in a place which stuffed with judgmental people, he doesn’t want to attract some extra stares your way and hence behaves distant when you both go out in public.

He knows what the other men are thinking

Well, let’s face it that your man knows what goes on in other men’s minds. When you try to go all mushy mushy in front of ten odd people, he knows by their glares that they are not thinking very well for you. He knows that they just want you to ‘go get a room’ even if you are just holding hands. You may not care for such stares but he does. So, next time you try to get a little romantic in a metro or in a shopping mall, just remember that he’s not into putting his love up on a show.

Don’t feel bad and come up with horrible conclusions like he doesn’t love you anymore. He does and you may mean the world to him but he is structured in a way where showing his love for you in public is something he is not comfortable in. Just reserve the love for the times when you are alone and behave like his best friend when you are in public.

Thanks us later..