Wanting to name her book “Unfinished” this Indian beauty has made us proud. Priyanka Chopra, an Indian name which the entire world knows by now and is a fan of hers too. Slaying the red carpets, American Television, Hindi Movies, and now all the way to Hollywood,this hottie has done it all. Starring in TV shows like Quantico and her upcoming movie Baywatch, Priyanka is worth drooling over for a long time.

Recently she featured in Vogue’s 73 question interview and we are pretty floored with the answers she gave.


Answering the “misconception Americans have about Indians,” she said that not everyone in India is in an arranged marriage and that Indians don’t “speak a language called Indian-it’s like saying I speak American.”

The actor, whose favorite thing about the United States is that it’s “the land of the free and the home of the brave and also the cheeseburgers,” admitted that for almost all the Indians “all Americans are super rich and you can sue anyone here-though that might be true!”


The most romantic thing a guy can do to woo her would be to fly her to “an unknown destination to see the sunset.”

Talking about the most cheesy pick up line which has been used on her, she said, “Oh my God, did you just fart? ‘Cause you blew me away!”


Her most memorable fan moment was when, ” A fan of mine got me to sigh her hand and tattooed it. So my signature is her tattoo. It’s pretty crazy and awesome.”

The most common mispronunciation of her name being “Bianca Shapruh.” She said, “It’s Chopra, like Oprah”

Watch the full video to see how Priyanka gives a charming reply to all the questions and wins our hearts all over again. Have a look:

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