Is it his birthday? Or your anniversary? Or just some random day and you feel blessed to have him? Whatever it may be, your special man deserves your appreciation and a special gift from his special lady.  Make any day his best day by these little things that you can easily make or buy and show your affection to him because he sure-as-hell deserves it.

A tie, cufflinks, pocket square and collar pin set

This classy gift will do two purposes: make your man super happy and make him a treat for your eyes. Target his formal side. it will be both elegant and hot. It can be reasonable being a normal date night gift or super expensive for when he gets promoted or it’s his birthday. You can also gift him an entire suit.

Gift for his fandom side

Is he a fan of game of thrones? Or lord of the rings? Or both? You know how much he loves the series and for a casual gift, nothing can match gifting him official merchandise of his favorite shows. It can be a friend’s mug or barney’s playbook. It can also be a Hogwarts t-shirt, you know these gifts may seem average but will surely be precious to him.

Because every guy loves his shoes

Go for the big bucks here and buy your man the shoes of his dreams. This gift will make him go nuts for you and you can definitely expect back those stilettos you’ve wanted for so long.

 Go for the basic

It’s time we let go of gender stereotyping and accept that boys like cheesy gestures as much as us girls do. Bring him flowers on his special day and take him out for a candlelight dinner. Treat him like you expect to be treated and I promise you’ll be rewarded with that big huge smile you can die for.

DIY gifts

If not for those expensive presents, you can go for easy do it yourself surprises. This one’s for your creative side. He will definitely love the efforts and love you’ve put into making those gifts.

  • You can make a book of your years together, put in photos and messages in it and write stories of how you met. This “book of memories”,  he will treasure for all his life.
  • You can also make a photo frame where you can put in appreciation messages from his family and friends. Do this to show him how many people love him so that there are no bad, lonely days for him.  This will be his happy place.
  • Another DIY gift you can make is a self-made frame of maps of places you have met, kissed and where you got married. This will also serve to be a great show piece for your home.
  • Stars for your star- if stars and the night skies interest him, name a star on him. This may sound too cheesy but it’s a great anniversary gift. For every time you’ll look at the sky together, you’ll see the trace of your love. There are official international websites where you can do this which also provide documents as a proof.

Don’t stop at these, go beyond his expectations and surprise him with every present. Give to him things which he couldn’t have imagined because I think we have established by now that “love knows no boundaries.”

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