Hey all, not just the women but the men too.

Over ages I have seen people fighting over me. They have many issues with the way I am. I have been wrongly associated with just one feeling all throughout my life. I myself feel that I am the reason for many outrageous things people do, but when I look at what I am, I feel that I am just another human body part. How can I be the reason of so much chaos? I was meant to serve a divine purpose. Did I get a wrong upbringing? Was it my fault that the girl whose body part I am didn’t chose to wear the right bra? Or was it me who went over to a baby to ask him to nibble on me? Was it me who asked men to lurk? After being frustrated for years, today I have sat down to write what hurts me the most. I dare you to read what I feel.

M not the bouncy things seeking attention

Let me clear a perception you all have been holding in your brains since ages. I am a soft squishy organ which is meant to have many layers of fat to protect the milk making glands I have. If not given a proper clothing, I bounce. My bounce does not mean that I am giving men an invitation to pass filthy comments on the girl. She might just have lost weight and her bra is now loose, or she might be in a hurry to pick up her child from the school. If she wears a loose bra and I behave like my normal self, I always find creeps staring towards me. They look at me and then they judge the girl.

To all the creepy lurkers, my bounce is not always meant to seduce you. Take your head out of your d**k for once and then think.

I have a purpose

Like every other body organ, I too have a divine purpose to fulfill. I was meant to nourish a new born child, I was meant to give him the precious drops of the magic potion. God has made me for the very same purpose. I am not an object which you girls can flaunt. I am not something whose size you can increase or decrease anytime you want. If you do, you fail my very purpose of existence. Don’t make me feel worthless just because you have your own agendas. Don’t hamper my capability to nourish a child just because you think, adding silicon to me, would make you look sexy.

When will you find me the right clothes??

Oh My God!! Almost always I dress up in the most inappropriate attires. Either too loose or too tight. For god sake, can you take time to educate yourself to find a right bra for me? Please do, because I don’t like getting out of shape just because of your ignorance. I have the same hormones in me just like you do and I too worry about my figure. And yes, along with figure, I worry about comfort too. You sometimes put me in such un-breathable clothing that I feel like committing suicide. You kill me slowly, everyday. So, a hand folded request to all of you, Please go and find the right bra.

Men, Stop staring for god sake..

I never knew that I would be the reason for so much chaos in a girl’s life. Every time they step outside, I do’t know why but men keep an evil eye towards me. They keep finding moments to touch me, some shameless ones even grope me. I want to ask one question to all the men today. Don’t you have the decency to keep your sexual desires intact in your pants when you step outside? Any girl, any shape, any size, you stare without discriminating. Aren’t you utterly shameless? You stare at me when I am too small, too big is also a problem for you and if the size is just right, then you have a licensed permission to stare, don’t you? You call me names in all the situations and to my shock you judge the girl with my shape and size. And above all you have the audacity to say what’s in your mind out loud. Please have the shame to not make fun of me and to not just see me like a sexual object.

Huh.. Saying all this is making me feel lighter than air. It’s just that I want to clear the air around me. My being too big is not an invitation to you, neither me being too small a disqualification, neither I am a sexual object nor do I bounce on purpose. I have an integrity and pride of my own, so if you could all just… Understand.

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