Heat not only messes up with your skin and hair, it also has it’s adverse effects on your make up. We all fear that our lipsticks will bleed, our foundations will melt and our eyeliners will be smeared to the extent of making us look like a makeup disaster. Just like we change our health care routines in summer,there are certain changes we need to make to our makeup routines too. We don’t want to step out bare faced and we don’t want to look like our faces are dripping.

For summers we need to have a make up routine which is sweat proof and lasts longer. In many places of India, the humidity makes the clothes wet with sweat. In that scenario, only long lasting make up will be your  only option.

Let’s have a look at the changes we need to make to our make up routines for it to last longer.

The lighter, The better

Moisturizers are skin’s best friends and we all know that. But we often skip this part because we think that they will make the skin too oily to handle. Well, moisturizers makes your skin supple and helps it to glimmer all day. For summers you can cleanse your face, use a mild toner for your skin type and then use a light moisturizer. Always remember the thicker the moisturizer, the more the sweating. Before choosing the right moisturizer, make sure that it has SFP. You need to safeguard your skin against those harmful sunrays too. This rule applies equally to the foundation too. Always use a sheer base to give maximum coverage and choose a light one.

Primer all the way

In summers Primers are a must because they help in holding your make up in place. After putting your moisturizer on, don’t forget to prime your face as it will act like a two way tape for your make up and moisturizer. Primer is best used after moisturizer and before foundation. It will not let the make up melt and will make it easy for your face to pull off water proof make up.

BB creams are the perfect alternative if you don’t want to use moisturizer, primer and foundation.

In summers, the eye make up smears too quickly. So it is advised to prime the eye lids too before putting on any eye shadow.

Waterproof the eyes

Water proof eye make up takes your make up game to a new level in the summers. While the make up of most women around you will be dripping, yours will be intact with a primer and waterproof products. The eyeliner goop thing collected in the creases of the eye is the tackiest thing which happens due to sweat. Both eye liner and mascara should be water proof. It will make your eyes look brighter all day without any smudges.

Powder Puff

Face Powders especially the ones with a translucent finish or the mineral powders are the best choices for any summer day. Powders will set in the makeup to your face and will absorb all the excess oil too. Dab a puff or two anytime in the day when you feel that the make up has started to get runny.  Powders also smooth-ens out the skin and gives it a glittery finish.

Lip Love

Define your lips with a liner and use the same shade of lipstick. Use primer on your lips before you put on any lipstick. If you forget the primer, you can put some blotting powder or some translucent powder on a tissue and blot your lips. This trick will make your lipstick stay all day long without bleeding.

We hope these tips and tricks help you look beautiful on a humid day. For more such tips and tricks, stay tuned to Sheneeds.co.in

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