We all are social beings. We can’t imagine our lives without the presence of one another. We have wife and children at home, colleagues in office, friends, parents and a hundred more people we know. To categorize our acquaintances a little further, we all have our loved ones, the less loved ones and even the ones we don’t care about. Mostly this is the orderly fashion we decide to pursue our lives without any hassle.

Very often we find ourselves hurt by the ones we care about. The people who are close to our heart have the power to make us feel sad. Never will you find yourself hurt even with the most hurtful curses from a random person passing you by on the street.
Then why have we given our loved ones the privilege to make us sad and to turn it up a notch we can’t even express how we feel because it might result in a silly fight with the wife or an argument with the parents or any other emotional episode which will take days to recover.

I keep wondering, should we say what’s going on in our minds or should we let it sit there and keep the torture going for us. We consider how the other person might feel if we pour our hearts out. Just like we respect the opinions of our loved ones, shouldn’t we respect our own? Shouldn’t we have the liberty to express how we feel about any situation? The time, the tone and the way of expression can be different. But in all fairness we should all try to voice what’s in our mind.

Often people advise me that if I keep on blurting out what I feel, I will not be left with any relationships. No friends, no parents, not even my children. Here is what I want to ask of all the people who have given me that advise. If after listening to my feelings, the things I don’t like about you and the things I admire both included, you choose to leave me for the reason that I chose to tell you the things I don’t like about you. You my dear wouldn’t have stayed even if I would have carved out praises for you every morning.

Everyone has the right to speak their minds, you, me, everyone. Then why should we add filters to it just because some of our loved ones are our parents, can’t disrespect them, some are friends, can’t loose them, even our children, can’t risk them being hateful to us.
If we are giving the right to everybody to act out, then why can’t we give ourselves that liberty.
I am not asking anyone to be a rebel, or a sour mouth but at least we can find a respectful solution. Maybe a set of words or a series of gestures or anything else which will pave the way for our emotions to flow through.
Looking from the other side of the coin, we should equally respect when others are expressing their opinions as well.

We should be good to ourselves and to others. In all fairness, I think we all deserve it.

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