A wonderful initiative by our Railway ministry got kick started this Monday when Tejas Express made its first run between Mumbai and Goa. A semi luxury train , first of it’s kind in our country, got a rocky start. Wanna know why?

After finishing up it’s first round , the train came to a halt at the Mumbai station. The next set of passengers boarded as they wanted to reach Goa at the highest speed and that too with a certain amount of luxury. Little did they know that the train was already hurt from it’s first run.

Infused with several unique features such as automatic doors, 9-inch infotainment screens for each seat, tea-coffee vending machines, vacuum bio-toilets, touch-free water taps in toilet and secured gangway, Tejas Express enthralled every one on it’s first run. But the passengers who travelled in it for the very first timeĀ damaged infotainment screens, stole several head phones and as expected there was waste strewn all over.

Turning a moment of pride to a moment of shame comes so easy to us. Just the thought that “this is not mine” makes us do such things. The Railway officials said that 12 of the high quality headphones were missing. After the news of stealing toilet mugs from the train, this didn’t come as a shock to us.

I just wonder what are we growing up to be? Every thing our government provides us is made up with the hard earned money of Indian citizens who pay hefty taxes. This sense of possession should make us take care of every thing we are bestowed upon, not to destroy something we think isn’t ours.

The issues with Tejas Express will be fixed soon. The staff will be asked to be more efficient and maintain the cleanliness of the train. They would also keep an eyes if the passengers are stealing or scratching the glasses. And that would just be shameful. Why is it that we need to be reminded of our duties every time? We don’t need any guidance when it comes to our rights, then what happens when it’s time for our duties?

As citizens of a developing country, we need to learn that we have bigger responsibilities. Trying to grow into a developed nation is not just our government’s job, it’s a mutual effort. We all have to grow a little to be able to make our country grow.

Let’s spread this message to as many as we can and ask them to not let one more Tejas Expresses return hurt.

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