The French Government has decreed a law that ‘excessively thin’ models will not be considered fit to practice their professions of being a model. The rule allows doctors to decide whether a model is too thin by taking into account their weight, age, and body shape. The law aims at making people understand that an unusually low BMI(Body Mass Index) is far much more dangerous than having a high BMI.

The law also states that digitally altered images making a model’s silhouette “narrower or wider” should be labelled “touched up”. Let’s have a look at what made the French Government take this decision. There are many consequences of being Excessively thin and every one needs to know them.

Being Thin works against one’s immunity

Body’s immune system very much depends on the nutrition intake of a person. The better the nutritional support, the better the immunity. The white blood cells in our body need to be backed up by a good diet to be able to fight infections. To maintain a very skinny stature, one needs to miss out on some very essential foods and it leads to a deprived nutritional supply. The infections then take control on the body because there is no immunity to ward them off. The infection could range from common cold, allergies to cancers too.

Illusion of being fit

The people who are too skinny are always under an impression that they are fit. The reality is however very different from their conclusion. All the regular health check ups are missed just because of this illusion of being fit. The fact that blood sugar, cholesterol can be high in spite of a low body weight is totally ignored. Many other such ailments are ignored because one thinks that low BMI is healthy.

Placement of Fat in the body

For a person with a normal Body mass Index, the fat is stored in all the right places. The layer under the skin is fat and it keeps getting thick as one gains weight. In an excessively thin person, those tires around the waist are always missing along with the other layers of fat. The revelation is that fat may be absent from under the skin but it is present around the vital organs like heart and liver. The fat gets stored far deeper inside the body of an excessively thin person and it results in higher risks for diabetes and heart diseases.

Fertility rate

Becoming a parent is the most tedious task for a skinny person. It’s very hard for an underweight woman to conceive and it’s even harder for her to sustain her pregnancy. Studies show that women who are skinny and are pregnant are having 72% more chances of having a miscarriage in her first trimester. The women with lower body weight find it hard to keep up the nutrition of the foetus too. As for men, they are also exposed to many health risks like sexual dysfunction, including erectile dysfunction, difficulty ejaculating and painful intercourse because of lower body weight.

Other Medical Conditions

Apart from the nutritional deficiencies of some essential vitamins and minerals like iron, vitamin B-12 and folate, excessively thin people might also suffer from anaemia, dementia, Osteoporosis. The bone density is also way too  low and leads to frequent fractures.

This step by the French Government is beneficial for the health of all the models who were keeping an unreal body image to pursue their careers. It’s a healthy move for healthy citizens.

Stay fit, Stay happy.

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