India is a beautiful country with a very well endowed culture. The Traditions and the rituals of this place makes it what it is today. Like every other culture, there are mythological books and spiritual guidance which are available to people to show them a better way of life. In earlier times people abided by those guidance and made a few rules of their own to have a sorted life.

With time we have seen that the wrong perceptions of people have swayed the whole system of our beliefs. The traditions have now become the blindly followed rules which we dare not break. One such taboo is the menstrual cycle of a woman. Those 5 tiresome days still makes a woman feel like an untouchable in some parts of our country. And for the rest of us, we are just partially accepted. We can’t entre the temples and the kitchens of our houses till the time the curse gets lifted. Today I want to ask you if these things were really the ground breaking truths written in our scriptures or they were the things sowed in our own garden of perception. There are a few theories that have come up which justify why women were not allowed in the temples or in the kitchen in those times.
The ordeal of rest
In ancient times, women worked really hard all throughout the day. Taking care of the house, bringing water from far off places, taking care of a handful of children made up for just a few of their daily chores. The people understood that a woman needs to take ample rest while her body goes through a process which makes her feel drained and tired. To ensure that a woman doesn’t get carried away with emotions, these were made the mandatory rules.She was not allowed to work or to enter the kitchen. She was just given a mat to sleep on the floor. The straight position of the back which is formed while lying down on the ground helps in easing out the cramps and the pain. Now the rules which were made to make a woman feel loved and comfortable got carried forward to such a great extent that they now feel like an insult. We don’t need to lie down on the floor anymore to recover from the pain. We don’t need to have a “self respect” shattering rule which asks us not to touch anything in the kitchen.We have come a long way and the women today know how to take care of themselves when they are in their periods.
The Temple run
I wonder if any of you have noticed or not but all the ancient temples were built either on a hill top or inside the jungle in a very secluded place. The whole concept of the temple was to give a person an atmosphere to escalate himself to have a spiritual experience. Reaching those far some places in her periods was again a tiring thing to do. Also there was a danger of any predators attacking the female because of the smell of the blood. Climbing a hill top or going to a far away temple located inside a jungle both posed the same risks to a woman’s life and hence they were forbidden to do so. As far as the relevance goes the temples are no more inside the jungle or on a hill top. So why are we still forbidding ourselves to feel the spiritual connection with our god in our periods.
I am not asking you to be a rebel and to break all the taboos but it’s high time that we rethink what we blindly keep doing.
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