Until now we kept reading the news about Milind Soman being one of the fittest Indian. Every now and then there are posts of him running a triathlon or a race or a marathon and many more. He is no doubt the fittest actor, model and fitness enthusiast India has seen.

This Mother’s Day when our mother’s were busy enjoying their pampering, Milind’s Mother, Usha Soman, did something unusual and showed us the source of Milind’s inspiration. Milind posted a video of her mom doing a plank and holding it for 1 minute and 20 seconds. The best part is that she did the plan in a traditional saree. Milind shared the picture captioning it as not her best but good enough. Here have a look

We salute her strength as she is 78 and has a fitness of all our mothers combined. In many of Milind’s interviews he says that his mother is his source of inspiration and he gives all the credit to her for encouraging him to take sports seriously. He says that she is a woman of steel and at 76 has the valor to participate in a 100 km trek.

She also ran from Ahmedabad to Mumbai with her son in a saree. Their run made her rule our hearts as she did it barefoot just like her son.

Ironman Milind Soman is redefining at the age of 50 and his mother is a true inspiration at the age of 78. Telling about her mother Milind says that she was a professor of Bio chemistry and at the age of 60 she started to trek. Now she has been redefining fitness with her son as she accompanies him for many treks, marathons and many such expeditions.