Many a times before having a child my husband used to say that he found babies very similar to puppies. Having raised many of them, he used to be their mother from the very first day. He said that he has taken care of so many dogs that he finds the experiences of handling a toddler very similar to his experience of handling the dogs.Well, I used to make fun of him till the day I became a mother.

Being a first time mother, I didn’t know what to do in the beginning of my motherhood. My hubby used to tell me the same things over and over again about how he raised the puppies and it used to annoy me to the core. Eventually when he started giving me tips, I realized that his analysis is absolutely right. Here I am today, penning down some things which are really freakishly similar between babies and puppies.

Sleeping Patterns

Both dogs and babies have wrong perception of days and nights. Even when they both sleep at night, they tend to wake up many times and every time they need a cuddle to go back to sleep. In the night they often need to feel the presence of their mother to go back to sleep. Just like babies, little puppies also wake up at night and cry because they are hungry.

The need of a Mother

When a person brings a pet home he always brings a piece of the mat on whichhis mother used to sleep. The smell of his mother makes him feel safe and he doesn’t cry too much. To soothe him some more a small ticking clock in placed under his bed to make him feel like there is a heart beating beside him. This sense of safety is very important for the babies too. When mothers leave for work, they also leave their used clothes beside their babies and miraculously, they behave the same. The feel like their mumma is around and they don’t cry that much.

East, sleep, poop, repeat

Both babies and puppies work on the same cycle. They eat food and tend to doze off as soon as their stomachs are full. Then they sleep till the time they feel like relieving themselves. So, they get up, they poop and as soon as they poop, they become hungry and cry for more food. The moment they feel full they will doze off again. It’s absolutely funny how both babies and puppies do exactly the same thing in their initial days.


Attention seekers

I wonder how all the behavioral issues of puppies are so similar to babies. Just like our toddlers, puppies too are hungry for attention. They will cry, throw things, bite and even go to the extent of pooping on the floor to seek attention. They need to feel that they are an important part of the family and everyone is very concerned about them. Isn’t it similar to what our babies do?

The nail cutting and the bathing Fiasco

Well, we all know how scary and tricky it can be when cutting the nails of a toddler is our next task. The same is the case with a pup. It’s the last thing on earth which they will do. Bathing is also something which they hate just like our babies do initially. It’s complicated to keep them safe and sound while giving them a bath or while clipping their nails.

Health matters

Apart from these, pups tend to have the same health issues like babies. They have colic pain and teething troubles too. They cry when they are in pain and surprisingly all the medication used for a pup are the ones which we use for our babies. Doctors even recommend multi vitamins for both when they feel that there is a need to give them some extra supplementation.

Award and Reward System

For both puppies and toddlers, the system of rewards and punishment works. When they do something which shouldn’t have been done, you can just take away his favorite thing and he will know. The same trick work with toddlers. If they have behavioral issues, you don’t do the things which they enjoy and let them know the reason. They will understand that they will not be given their favorite things if they behave in a certain fashion. They will refrain from doing such things in future. This system works wonders as it eliminates the need to use extreme measures for conveying things.

It surprised me that my husband was right all along. I actually was not noticing the things he was saying. I applied all the tips and tricks he used on his pups, on my baby. Believe me when I say that I had the most wonderful experience.