We all love watching movies in leisure. Some movies are so soulful that they leave an everlasting impression on our minds. They motivate us and give us a new zeal to approach the life with. We carry so much on our minds everyday, that we often forget to find motivation in the little things of life. These movies will give you a new perspective.

What better way could you find to spend an afternoon? Just make a can of popcorn, sit alone on the sofa and find a new “you” when you finish watching the collection. Here’s a tip, Keep the tissues handy as you will need them in abundance.


Set in the rural landscape of Rajasthan, Parched is a tale of four women who find liberation. The bitter sweet lives of these women, the storms they face and the empowerment the generate from within makes it worth a watch. A wonderfully woven story and a talented star cast gives life to the struggles of women. They fight the demons within themselves and outside of them with courage. Although it takes time to find the power to face ones own demons but we are women, we have the power to do the impossible, don’t we?


The pursuit of Happiness

Well, this one doesn’t come from Bollywood but it is so far the most touching movie I have ever seen. It’s the story of a father who struggles to make it on his own with a small son to take care of. He can’t fail because that failure will make his wife take his son away from him. The story is his pursuit of happiness and how he teaches his son the importance of doing what he thinks is right. Chris Gardener played by Will Smith will make you weep in his pain and once again will give tears in his victory. Learn life from this amazing watch.



Ah! This one comes from our very own Bollywood once again. Queen is the life a woman who gets rejected by the man she loved and was about to marry. He refuses to marry her just a day before. She locks herself in a room till the time she decides to go alone on her Honeymoon. She reinvents herself as she goes to a different country all alone and learns to deal life on her own. Finding a new version of herself is her inspirational journey which gives the viewers the strength to find strength in their adversities and to reinvent themselves to bring new meaning to life.


A Peaceful Warrior

This movie will bring the greatest transformation in you as it will heal you from the inside. It’s called a peaceful Warrior because the war is within one self. It’s the story of a gymnast who gets struck by life and finds a coach in a shop owner who teaches him what his gymnastic coach failed to teach. He teaches him life and fearlessness, how his thoughts about the future and the past ruins his present. This is a wonderful watch as it makes you realize that happiness is in the journey, not the destination.



This amazing movie comes from the shelves of India. It’s about a boy who can’t speak and hear. Shreyas Talpade plays the boy Iqbal who has a passion for cricket but life is not so generous to give him the privilege to be a part of the Indian Cricket team. He struggles and makes his way to excel what he just loves. He makes it his passion and gives everything he has got to make his dreams come true. It’s a soulful movie which make you cry with joy at the end.