Bollywood glimmers bright when it comes to style. From the red carpet events at Cannes and Oscars to the high end parties, Bollywood actresses leave a lasting impression on the crowd and the media. Recently, Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone were the high lights because of the dresses they wore at the Met Gala. Their dresses were criticized but we feel that it takes courage to be the fashion icon of millions of people.

From Sonam Kapoor to Kareena Kapoor Khan let’s have a look at the most stylish Bollywood actresses.

Sonam kapoor

Sonam Kapoor is the fashion diva of our country. Her dresses are no where near to what the others wear. She is bold and wears statement styles to convey that she has the much desired eye for fashion. Mostly seen wearing demure fashion ensemble, Sonam Kapoor makes it quiet clear that skin show is not always needed to look sexy.

She has rightfully earned the title of Bollywood’s fashionista and wears every girl’s dream dresses. Here are a few from her closet which we might want to steal.


Priyanka Chopra

Oh!! She is the delight of our fashion industry. After being crowned Ms. World, Priyanka has touched skies with her acting skills. Now working in American television, she is a real diva. She is now the only Indian face which glows in every event of Hollywood. Making our country proud as ever, Priyanka says her style mantra is to wear what makes her feel comfortable. Her dresses are always classy and brings out her sensuous self.

All of her red carpet dresses have a ommph factor added to them and she keeps giving us fashion goals with her minimal make up and hair down looks.


Deepika padokune

Deepika is also the star who has been catching lots of eyeballs lately. Her fashion style has evolved with time and she has come out as a graceful Indian woman who has the created enough buzz to make herself the fashion dream.

To match her killer model body, she has curated an equally deadly wardrobe. Her style seems comfortable and elegant at the same time. She has the attitude to make any dress look stunning. She rocks her tall

Kareena Kapoor Khan

Kareena Kapoor Khan is raiding a high horse these days after she created a mom-to-be fashion wardrobe before having her little nawab, Taimur Ali Khan. She always looked ethereal in her looks but her styling of her baby bump made her top the charts of fashion.

She always had a royal appeal to herself but after her marriage she has become eternally beautiful. She always looks stunning with perfect embellishments. She rocks every attire from being a Begum to being a chick.