Hi Momma,

I wish you a very happy Mother’s Day. You are my pillar of strength and support. You sacrifice everything for me. You want to see me happy always and even if I am dull for a second, you ask me if anything is wrong. It does not change even on days where you work 10+ hours at the office and put in more than 3 4 hours in household chores. Your love knows no bounds. I am Lucky to be your daughter. Every day is a Mother’s Day for me.

Most Moms feel that girls love their Father more than their Mother. We understand that you put in so much effort and we don’t want to burden you anymore with our work. 🙂 I love you as much as I love Papa.

I hope to give you less hardtime and more happiness. My only request to you is to worry less and relax more. The greatest sight in the world is your SMILE. SMILE more, Momma, for me.

Love you Loads!