There is nothing in the entire world which deserves more respect than a mother . Mothers are those wonderful creations who have the power to ward off any evil to save their families. Nature has made them that way.  They weigh everyone and everything above themselves and this unconditional love truly makes them the one who commands utmost respect.It’s the nature’s way of telling us that mother’s are indeed the guardians from heaven because God can’t be seen everywhere.

Mission Impossible

It’s only in the power of a mother to endure hours and hours of labor. She keeps on bearing the pain to give birth to her child. Without giving up, she lets her body tear itself apart to make way for her baby. She cries in pain, feels like she may die any minute, but that doesn’t stop her from gathering all of her strength to give her child one final push. The push he needs to come out into this world and breathe for the first time. She, being a mother, forgets her pain and cries with joy to the sound of her baby. Finally, she gets rewarded for not giving up.

Breaking one piece at a time

A few months later, when her baby learns to walk, she leaves everything else she had to do, to hold her child’s finger. She takes every fall with her child. Her heart breaks when her baby cries and hurts himself in an attempt to walk on his own. But she doesn’t give up just yet. She lets him do his part of the struggle. After all she has to raise a fighter. Her patience gets rewarded once again, when her baby learns to walk and runs towards her with arms wide open.

The fake brave face

Then comes a time when the most expected happens, the time to take care of the future, first day at school. Right from the moment she starts her search, she has just one thing in her mind. She just wants to know if her baby will be fine without her. Leaving those little fingers and handing over her crying child to the teacher is not the easiest thing to do. It just shatters her heart into a million pieces. The innocent eyes of her child asks her to take her back but she doesn’t give up just yet. She turns around and starts to walk. It’s​ time for her child to learn how to manage when Mama is not around. Again, life showers the rewards when the child learns and his intelligence grows leaps and bounds.

Hard hitting teenage

It seems like the toughest has ended for a mother, doesn’t it? Not yet. It has just begun. Till now it was just a struggle within her self. A few years later, the struggle is both within and with her child. As teenage strikes, every child goes through those rough moody years. The child starts to think that his mother is not understanding what he has to say. But she knows what her child wants her to understand, it’s her heart which asks her to do the right thing and not to give in to the arrogant adolescence of her child. She silently takes a back seat and let the child be. She keeps a check and doesn’t give up. The nagging, the rejections, the arguments are just a few highlights of her toughest and scariest period in the motherhood. It was not the delivery or the school which scares her, it’s the bold innocence of a teenager which does.

The toughest of all

As teenage passes it’s time for her child to go out and face the world. He has to establish himself to have a successful career. The mother knows in her heart that he will face many failures on the way. He will fall down again and again and she has to give him the strength to get back up every single time. She keeps counselling her child to face what the future holds. She wants him to do his best and then be ready to face what may come his way. She teaches him the right and the wrong. She teaches him that there is nothing in this world which can break one’s will. Who better to teach the fighting spirit than a mother herself. She doesn’t give up on her child and neither does she let the child give up on himself.
Nature has given this immense strength and endurance only to a woman that she can feel the pain of her child in his heartbreak, his faliure, his fall and still has the vision to show him the right path. She doesn’t give up on herself and her child. No matter how hard life gets. She is the other name of fortitude.
On the occasion of Mother’s day we want to salute all the mother’s who didn’t give up just because it was difficult. The children grow up looking at their mothers being the strongest. It’s ironical how the most emotional beings on earth are true fighters inside, just because they don’t give up.