Almost everyone today has experienced back pain at one point of time in their lives. Our day to day lives are so stressful that we don’t have enough time to get to the root of our occasional or sometimes regular back pain. We just pop in a pain reliever and we are good to go. Is taking a pain reliever a solution in the long term? It’s not and it will eventually harm your health.

Very often it is seen, that women suffer more from back and pelvic pain in comparison to men. In more that 80 percent of the cases the back pain is triggered by a strain in the muscle. The second most occurred mistake which leads to a back and a pelvic pain is the wrong posture. While lifting things, pushing or pulling in our day to day activities, we forget that our posture might lead to a serious injury in our muscle and will leave us bed ridden for days.

It is always advised that one should consult a Physician to know how serious the condition is. There are many things things which can lead to a back pain namely Ovarian issues, bowel problems, Scitica and many more. Consulting a physician can give you an insight about the real issue and you can get on to treat it.

Science behind it

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There is muscle called the Hip flexor which runs from the lower back to the femur bone. This muscle is very flexible by nature and supports our lower back. Now, since our lifestyles and our work demands that we sit for the most part of the day, this muscle gets tensed and it’s flexibility reduces to a great extent. As you can see in the image that it is attached at both the ends, one at lower back and one to the femur bone, it starts to pull the lower back due to it’s decreased flexibility. This pulling often irritates a nerve called scitica and leads to unbearable pain in the lower back and the pelvic area. The pain runs down to the legs and compromise our movement.

The Solution

As we said earlier that most of the back and pelvic pain issues trigger from wrong posture or a muscle sprain, there are a few things you can do yourself to relieve the pain.

Walk: Walking relaxes the muscles which get strained due to lack of movement. If you are already suffering from pain, taking a walk for 15 minutes will be enough. You can slowly increase the time and walk for around an hour every day. It will be the exercise you don’t get all day.

Stretches: There are a few stretches which you can do to relieve the pain. In the long run, if you keep doing these stretches everyday, the pain will not return.

Double knee to chest




Make sure that you do these stretches on a regular basis because they will increase blood flow to the muscles and will give it the essentials which it needs to repair the injury.

Be Active: Last but not the least, you have to behave responsibly and take care of your health too. Take time to stand up and take a walk for just 2 minutes after a sitting of an hour. Women often neglect their health to take care of others but that’s not a wise thing to do. You are as important as the others. Keep yourself active through out the day. A healthy woman makes a healthy family.

Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed.