On a regular day after finishing her house chores, sitting on a table, a woman thought about getting herself registered on one of the self help group for mothers. Since she was pregnant herself, she wanted someone to be by her side if she needed some guidance. She put her random thought to action and made herself the member of a few Mommies groups on Facebook. This is the story of how in just a year’s time, that woman made herself the proud owner of a network which connects around 60000 Indian mommies around the world. Her transformation is inspiring and worth a read. We got a chance to know her story and here’s what she had to say.

We asked her how she got  the idea of bringing so many women together on a single platform?

So ! I started this, When I conceived. One fine day I saw that I was added in some Mommie group, I have no clue who added me there or how I landed there, but I liked the  concept. The queries, solutions which the mothers were asking each other, though most of them were casual and funny. I noticed that the admin of the group was so opposite to the feel of the group. She was rude, harsh and arrogant. To top it all off, she was not at all co-operative.

At that time, I had no clue about how these things worked. But one day, I received a message from one of the members that she has been receiving some obscene messages from one of the lady admins. I took the initiative and got to know that it was a male profile behind a female’s name and when I confronted this to the admin, she blocked me. For me that was just the beginning of “Getting Blocked” on such groups. Very soon I got blocked from two more groups, which made me realize that the attitude of these ladies is too loud and is absolutely uncalled for. They are here to help each other and they are doing just the opposite.

This was enough inspiration for me. I decided that I ll become a helping hand for these mommies. Initially this was initiated on whatsapp with few mothers but, after I lost my father in year 2014, I realized how it felt when my father didn’t get any help in his last moments. From there on I decided that I will help as many as I can. Thereon, I started nurturing MW-Mommies World For U & Me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ as well.

Her Vision

I want every woman to get connected through Mommies World, which is meant For U & Me. Just like I need support sometimes, I want the women all around to have this virtual support. There are mothers who are staying away from their family and friends, they need support and guidance, which I believe Mommies group is here to provide.

I want the group to become a forum where a woman can be herself, a mother and an individual. With so many mothers as part of the group, it is a combined effort that each of them put in so that the levels of positivity remain high.

About her in her own words


By Profession, I am into Event Management and HR. My 16 years’ of experience helps me to share ideas and suggest Mompreneurs on MW for their business and I help them with promotions as well. For that reason, I keep organizing meets for them to increase their social circle.”

Shalu RV says, “I am in no race with anyone else and doesn’t want to prove anyone about my work and worth. Those who know me, value me. For rest, I am “Competition or Rival”. I am thankfully blessed enough to have loving and supportive members across the world, who are there, even before I ask”

She believes “Knowledge is POWER, we must share it with others”. By Karma, I am a Mommie of a 3 year old prince and a loving wife of my husband.

By Choice, Founder of MW-Mommies World For U & Me.