Pregnancy is the golden period of every woman’s life. Although it leads to changing every bit of a woman’s body, yet we remember our pregnancy with a smile. It connects us with the life within. A new making of our self is what pregnancy is all about.

While we are pregnant we put on lots of weight. Our doctors advise us to eat healthy and as the baby gains weight, our bodies start to become plum. We don’t just gain fat, we retain water too. Our bodies are so smart that to increase the elasticity of our skin, it starts to retain water. This water retention leads to us being swollen up and puffy.

After delivering the child, we often wonder if ever our pre pregnancy bodies will be back. Well, mostly, the body itself is trying to shrink back. With just a little effort from our side, the body will very smoothly make it’s transition. Here are a few tips for you to follow to get back into shape and lose that baby fat.


Well, the major role play in losing those extra pounds is in the activity which a mother starts just after she gives birth. She breastfeeds and it requires more than 1800 calories per day to feed a baby. If in this breastfeeding period we eat smartly, our body loses most of the baby fat in a few months time.

Also, while breastfeeding our body becomes dehydrated, so it utilizes all the water being retained under the skin to maintain a healthy balance. This way we end up losing both fat and water retention.

Make water your best friend

Yes, the key to losing the fat is once again hidden in water. Water contains all the anti oxidants which our body needs to flush away the cellulite and visceral fat. You can drink your water with a twist too. Add two leaves of mint, a piece of ginger and a cucumber to a mason jar. Fill it with water and keep drinking it all throughout the day. This is a miracle potion which will make you lose those extra pounds.


Eating healthy is always on our charts. But we often ignore it when our taste buds give us a craving. After pregnancy, since you are giving the nutrition to your body and your baby, it’s absolutely essential for you to eat healthy. Green vegetables are the best way to do it. They will give you the required nutrition, without any fat and will help your system cleanse all the layers of fat you have accumulated over a period of time.

Mild exercise

This comes with a warning. Please take consent of your doctor before wearing your yoga pants or your jogging shoes. The most effective way to manage the postpartum depression and to lose the extra baby weight is a walk. Make sure that you are strolling around continuously for around 45 minutes every day, at the same speed. This will regulate the blood flow in your body and will help you shed pounds. You can also start with yoga or a non aggressive work out to get back in shape.

Be an active mom

Being a mother itself is a big responsibility. As the child grows up, his/her activities increase and they become so active that it is a nearly impossible task to make them sit in the same place for a minute. Well, what’s better that running after your child, right? Be as active as you can all throughout the day. It will do wonders to your body.

Miracle drink

It is observed that a spoonful of Apple cider vinegar with a glass full of water is very beneficial in losing the baby fat. It will increase your metabolism and will process the layers of fat which you have stored in the line months of your pregnancy. Make sure that you consult your doctor before taking this.

We hope these tips help you to get back in shape. But remember, don’t over stress yourself. You took nine months to gain the fat; it will take as much time to lose it as well. Have the patience and consistently keep following the above given tips. You will definitely find yourself losing those extra inches.


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