Growth is a natural phenomenon. A seed will sprout on its own, a baby will grow into an adult, a bud will turn into a flower. Growth is natural. You have to deliberately do something to hamper the growth of any entity. What is the thing which we unknowingly do and obstruct our growth? We just grow in age. But our wealth, our relationships, our happiness, our success, all cease to grow after a while. We were all meant to be successful. Let’s read what goes wrong and stops us from being successful.

  • What’s your perception of yourself

Since our childhood we have been trained to take opinions very seriously. We are taught to be aware of what people think about us and make an effort to be amicable to all. No one trains us to know what we think about our own selves. Tyler Knott very beautifully wrote, “The me I see is the me I’ll be”. And we often fail to identify ourselves with the goal we have created for ourselves.

  • A pursuit of excellence

More often than not, our efforts are directed towards comparing ourselves with others. We keep judging and measuring our success with that of our peers. In this judgment we forget to take into account that we are a unique identity. We are absolute and absolutely unique. The concept of comparison then fails. In the pursuit of success and under the dark clouds of competition, we forget the pursuit of excellence. Our efforts should always lead us to excellence and improvement within ourselves. There is always a scope for improvement within us and we seldom give it a thought.

  • Fear is the worst use of your best ally

Our imagination is one of the best allies we are bestowed upon. We can imagine any probable scenario but we often choose to use our imagination to create fear within ourselves. The situation which we associate the fear with, may never happen, but it creates a very negative emotion within us. It creates doubt and hampers our efforts.

  • Be Success Conscious

Human mind is always busy weaving thoughts. While we are trying to move up the ladder of success, we often feel the need to make ourselves comfortable to the situation where failure may strike. We have to concentrate more on the probabilities of success and make ourselves success conscious.

  • The present is the only truth to be aware of

Many of the aspirants of success are either stuck in the past or are wondering what will happen to them in the future. The results get hampered because at the time of putting efforts, we clutter our minds with what could happen or what happened to us the last time. We have to live in the moment. Do what the moment asks us to do. Perform to our best capabilities and keep our minds at peace while performing. Our results will then speak for themselves.

Our success was always moving towards us at its own pace. We create big boulders in its way. Or sometimes we wander off to a completely different path. We should allow nature to take its course. Be receptive to what the universe has to offer. Reverberate to the same frequency. In no time we will find ourselves to have become our own Genie.