The temperatures outside are soaring higher and higher with each passing day. As it gets complicated for us to step out in the sun, it gets equally arduous for our skin to handle the heat. Is your skin all dry and patched out? Well, the heat is taking it’s toll on the supple and moist layer of your skin and you need to be extra cautious not to damage it further. The soaring temperatures take the moisture out from your body and leave it dehydrated. Regular skin care routines fail to give your skin the extra nourishment it needs to fight the heat. Your skin needs some extra pampering; after all it makes you feel beautiful. Here, we have gathered for you the easiest things you can do to make sure that your skin is as radiant and nourished as ever.


Exfoliation is the most neglected part of skin care. We all remember to moisturize, cleanse and apply sun screen but we forget that there is a layer of dead skin present on the outer layer of our skin. When we exfoliate, the dead layer comes out and leaves the skin soft to absorb the moisture and nourishment. The preferable time to exfoliate the skin is morning and if done correctly exfoliation would do wonders to your skin.

Lots of water intake will make your skin glimmer from inside

In summers, we end up losing lots of water in the form of sweat. The dehydration gets very visible under the eyes and leaves the skin thirsty for moisture. Although we apply the best of moisturizers, our skin doesn’t appear to have quenched it’s thirst for nourishment till the time we treat it from inside. To keep it hydrated from within, you must drink almost 8 glasses of water every day and avoid losing on the shine on your beautiful face.

Sun Screen is your best friend

We all must remember that stepping out in the sun without a layer of sun screen to protect our skin from the harsh rays, will have extreme consequences. The harmful UV rays will leave our skin burnt and damaged. To avoid any such tormenting episodes, apply a generous layer of sun screen every time you go out and generously re apply after every two hours. Take care of your gleaming skin; it is grace redefined.

Got a skin burn, here’s what to do

If in case your skin got exposed to sun and got burnt, the best way to restore it’s natural texture is to apply Aloe Vera. There are a lot of cooling balms available in the market these days, they would also do the trick but what’s better than a home remedy? Aloe Vera will reduce the redness and will restore the lost moisture. It will also help in reducing the burns and will lessen the itching as well.

Hydrating with a rich moisturizer

A good moisturizer will give your skin the healing it needs. It will also make a protective layer over your skin to prevent it from any damage. The nutrition will also be supplied along with lots of hydration. These days many hydrating masques are also available which will make your skin healthy and radiant.

For those resplendent looks and those beaming eyes, make sure that you take extra care of your skin this summer. Don’t let the heat dry out your skin or your confidence.