How to Deal with an Arrogant Boss in Office?

It is said that if you are lucky then you may get a good life partner, however if you are extremely lucky then you will get a good boss in office. More often than not, bosses are arrogant and bossy and like to order around people and use advantage of their position. In such a situation it becomes very difficult for any employee, esp. a woman to work and not feel frustrated.

Here are some tips, which will help you to deal with an arrogant boss:

1) Keep your work updated at all times:

Always finish your work on time, within the deadlines so that your boss has no feasible reason to be rude to you. Surely, an arrogant person will find other avenues to boss around but at least you will not be handing them a reason on a silver platter.

2) Don’t Fight or Be Rude:

If you want to make a point of something to your arrogant boss then don’t raise your voice or be rude. Make your point in a firm and strong voice with multiple examples to support your case. No matter, what the scene may be, never ever raise your voice. Keep your cool and you will be able to think clearly how to tackle the boss.

3) Don’t Volunteer Work/Information:

There is absolutely no need to volunteer for any kind of extra work or research something to find the information that your boss is seeking. If you are too prominent in the team/office then you are likely to suffer his/her arrogant and bashful behaviour as well.

4) Be Professional at all times:

Always maintain a divide between your personal and professional relationships and this extends with your boss as well. Always be professional at all times and do not discuss your personal issues with your boss, no matter how good his/her mood may be, for a change. They can use the self-volunteered personal information later to inflict damage in your professional success.

5) Report it to HR/Boss’s Superiors:

In the unlikely scenario that nothing works out then don’t hesitate to report the rude and arrogant behaviour of your boss to the HR department or to his/her superiors. It would be nice if you had a few witnesses of the said event to support your case.

If you always project a look of confidence and calm exterior then in most cases, people esp. bosses wouldn’t like to mess with you. So, even though sometimes you may be in the wrong, don’t fight the issue with your boss. Humbly accept your mistake in a cool and collected tone with a calm exterior. Also, offer suggestions on how you can remedy the situation and watch the boss squirm in his/her seat because they will be unable to thrash you out. And in case, you haven’t made a mistake then under no circumstances, accept wrong-doing, even though you may be pressured to do so. Stand your ground so that you can stop the trend of someone else’s mistakes being handed over to you.

Be confident, self-assured and take on the world!