Dressing is the first thing anyone notices when you meet them for the first time. Your body language, your attitude and your confidence are all portrayed in the way you dress. The poise with which one carries their dress speaks volumes about one’s power. All the powerful women around the globe have a certain way of styling themselves. The clothes they chose speak louder than their words. The moment they enter any arena, all the eyes get stuck on the way these women power dress themselves.

Let’s learn a few lessons of Power dressing from these women of influence.

Indra Nooyi


The Indian Origin CEO of PepsiCo Inc. is one of the most influential females around the world. She has paved her way to success on her own and the confidence of doing it all by herself reflects in the way she dresses. She once told Economic Times that she started dressing herself in sarees initially because she didn’t have enough money to buy a suit. Now she wears power suits with scarves around her neck. She is also seen in sarees at many social events. Accessorizing her look with pearls or some subtle jewellery is her style statement which roars with power.

Chanda Kochhar


Chanda Kochhar is the Managing Director and CEO of ICICI Bank.  Her role in the Banking Industry of our country is commendable. She is also seen wearing crisp sarees to match her potential. The way she carries this beautiful Indian attire is beyond expression. She creates a perfect blend of grace and authority with her silk and cotton sarees. She chooses a perfect complimentary piece of ornament which gives her dressing some more power. 

Michelle Obama


A writer, a lawyer, a mother, a philanthropist and many more things which we are not aware of. Michelle Obama is truly the definition of strength. She stood by the side of the most powerful man in the world and still managed to make her own identity. She has brewed a perfect style for her using the major fashion brands along with street fashion. She is like the breath of fresh air in the corporate dressing world.

Marissa Mayer


The President and CEO of Yahoo is one more example of how influential and authoritative one’s dressing can be. He usual A line dresses are absolutely incredible and they enhance her grand aura many folds. She has created a fashion milestone for all the women professionals who think work and style can’t go hand in hand. As a cherry on top she adds classy heels to her attire.

Kate Middleton


The Dutchess of Cambridge is amongst some of the most charismatic women on the planet. She has always been in style and her dressing inspires millions around the globe. From flair dresses to blazers, she has worn it all. She is the only influential person we know who doesn’t hesitate to repeat her dresses even after being so closely observed by the world. She too has a blend of high brands to high street clothes. She doesn’t think twice before getting herself into the local apparels when she visits a place. Truly a mark of confidence, don’t you think?

As Anna Wintour once said, “Create your own style. Let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.” These beauties are flawless in their work and style and give all the women around the world an inspiration to be powerful.